Confession Saturday night

Today has been all day at home.

Steve had shoulder surgery yesterday so I really didn’t want to leave him and there’s definitely plenty to do around here.

Yesterday morning before we headed to the hospital Steve decided to install a closet organizer in his part of our closet. Doesn’t everybody install a closet before having surgery?

This afternoon while Steve was watching the Olympics and intermittently napping I decided to dive into the closet and see how much I can organize. Now remember earlier I said he installed his closet organizer?


This is half of his closet. Look how pretty!!! All organized and categorized. He needs clothes is all I see. Half of these are work clothes.

Since my closet is not done yet, mainly because I can’t seem to design what I want, he offered me to use some of his closet space so that I can at least find clothes for work. So I heard share right?


Now what is hanging here is not categorized or organized but at least they are out of boxes or off the floor. Feels pretty good. I even have my clothes for next week picked out. 

Here is the problem and the confession. No judging.

This is what’s left to hang or find a place for .


There might be 3 large boxes of shoes. 



There mighy be numerous and more than numerous dresses 


There could be a wooden ladder and a wedding dress hanging in my closet 


My jewelry might be in a basket. The necklaces could be in a giant ball of mess 

So my confession remains that I have an insane amount of clothes and shoes.  However I have found some really cute things that I forgot I had.

I’ve been thinking about a clothing swap party. Everyone cleans out their closet and brings them over. We all swap for others peoples stuff. We get rid of things we don’t want and go home with treasures. No money spent and a fun afternoon with friends. What do you think blog readers?


the girl taking care of the guy


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It’s the wedding day

Today is the day most parents wait for. Some because it’s the end of an era. It’s the end of your little girl being your little girl. It’s the end of you being who they run to while they run to the arms of another. It’s the end of a lot of things but really it’s the beginning.

Today our little girl gets married. I’m up alone at an early hour thinking of the activities of the day. I have wonderful people coming to help me this morning prepare for the celebration tonight. I just needed a little time. A little time to just sit and think for a few minutes. It’s been quite a road getting to this day. Not only because Courtney wanted to get married at the old house that resembled a crack house just a few months ago. Not because we have been in transition between homes for over a year. Not because of a lot of things but because the last few years we have wondered if Courtney would come home. She lived a wandering  life. We really never knew where she was. Was she safe? Was she healthy? Not sure. Yes we worried about her but mostly we missed her. Our family unit was void of one. Kyle is not the same without his sister. They are quite a pair. Don’t expect seriousness when they are together. This mom loves when all the chicks are in the nest.

However a year ago she came home. We didn’t know for how long but it didn’t matter. 5 minutes or 5 days just come home and I believe with all my heart she knew that. She was always welcome. This time it was different. She was emotional and clingy. “Don’t push Charma, she’ll let you know when she’s ready.” She did. One day she said I’m staying. I want Ocala to be my home. It was a good day 💜

Today we gain a son. We bring Justin into the fold of the family. I hope he’s ready. We are quite the brood. Today we give her away? No I don’t really like that. I rather think that we become a one person larger family. We depend on one another but mostly we love another.

Its going to be a great day. Today we gain another son. Welcome to the family Justin



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The story of the chicken

This is my cousin. The girl, not the boy.

She is more like a sister. I don’t have any of those. We don’t get to talk often or see each other very much, but you know when you have “that person” you just connect with. She’s that girl.


Before house renovation life began, we actually had family visit and we laughed and had fun. We went out to eat and played cards. That life……coming back baby.

Jamie lives in Ohio. She was visiting Florida and staying with us.

I was gardening, like a real vegetable garden, and I mentioned that I would one day like to have chickens. I had heard that chickens eat bugs that would normally eat your vegetables. That’s one reason I wanted a chicken. I also think they are cute. Her name would be Betty. She would have a plume of feathers that come out of her head like a hat.

Jamie thought it was a great idea.

Steve….not so much. No chickens Charma. Chickens are dirty. Chickens are not for people who live in town and so on and so on and so on. Those who know Steve can already see “the face.” His forehead wrinkles up and he tries to look stern. Whatever……

Jamie comes in one from shopping and hands me “The chicken.” Made me laugh. It’s not Betty but if I can’t have a real chicken it’ll do.


Now I can’t show you the chicken because there is way more to the story.

Jamie later found out that she had cancer. Cancer that you don’t survive from.

She had surgeries and treatments. She had relapses and she was so sick.

She had so much of her pancreas removed that I didn’t know you could survive with only a small percentage.

I will never forget one time when she came to visit after one of her surgeries. She was trying to figure out what she could eat and what she couldn’t. The ride home from the airport was scary. She asked if we could stop at a rest area. She went in and stayed. I did’t know what to do. Should I go in? Should I make sure she was ok? So I did.

I called to her. She was ok. Gosh I was scared.

What now? I wait. That’s what you do. I knew that she was worried about being so long. I started to pray. I prayed that she wouldn’t worry. I prayed that she would stop being sick. I prayed that she would pray.

Fast forward to 2016. Jamie is healed.

Jamie is married to a wonderful guy.

Jamie is a Christ follower.

So the chicken has special meaning to me. When I see the chicken I don’t just see a chicken statue or a dust collector. I see a miracle. I see the love of Jesus and his anointing on my cousin/sister. I see so much more than just a chicken.

The chicken does not have a place yet at the old house. When her place is chosen, you will see her.


the girl who is still “one” with the floors. One room to go!!!!




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Moving and my clothes

When we sold our house in 2015, we moved to my mom and dads house. It was supposed to be VERY short term. Maybe 6 weeks or so. I’m laughing so hard as I write because we were there 16 months. Thank you Mom and Dad for allowing our crew to invade your home. We had stuff absolutely everywhere.

Steve and I lived in a bedroom. It wasn’t large and it wasn’t small. When you live in one bedroom you must only have the bare easentials. So most of our stuff went into storage. The biggest storage unit available was rented. Because you know I have a chair sickness and all my lovelies needed to be stored.

Laat Saturday we were able to close out the storage unit. What a sweet monthly raise we received. Storage units are a blessing and a curse all at the same time!  It was like Christmas. I squealed as boxes were removed from the unit. They had my handwriting all over them. Charma’s shoes!!! Charma’s dresses! Charma’s hoodies! Yes I have a whole box of hoodies and bathing suits. I’m not ashamed.

“Steve where are your clothes boxes?”

“I only had a couple of boxes that went storage,  most of my clothes fit in the closet at mom and dads.”


Thank  you to our sweet friends and family who show up on a Saturday in sweltering July to help us move. For some it was the third time. You all deserve so much more than what I can physically give you. I’ll speak to Jesus when I get the heaven.


As the week has progressed it has been so exciting to open boxes and see our belongings. It’s going  to be so fun decorating this big house.

It seems as there there might be a problem. My clothes…..Steve might have had all of his at the house but mine have been showing up everywhere. Not only from our closet at mom and dads. But boxes and boxes and boxes. There are suitcases full. Every time we clean out another area “hey here’s another box/bag/suitcase/purse/backpack full of your clothes. I try not to smile because I know someone might be annoyed. Bring it on people. I’m wallowing in my new wardrobe.

The only problem would be the new house closet. Designing and putting in a new closet system has not been a priority. Ain’t nobody from the wedding going in my closet!!! So…….here is the current closet. You should see me trying to find clothes for work. Cause you know I am not wearing old stuff!!!



the girl who will be wearing a new /old dress to church tomorrow

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The list

There are so many things.

It is incredibly difficult not to get caught up in the amount of things that need to be done.

Our old house is the wedding venue.

We moved 5 days ago and the venue kind of looks like a hurricane blew through

We have  out of town guests coming to the wedding  however their are no doors on the bedrooms. Oh. And there aren’t any beds either.

The ceremony will take place on the front porch. Here currently is the front porch except this picture was night before last. As of last night. The entire floor is gone.


There are so many details that go into a wedding. Ours isn’t the first wedding for goodness sake so I know it will be ok. They will still be married when it’s over. My attention to detail is in hyper drive right now. It’s how I roll and did I tell you, August 20th I have declared Charma Day?  I’m checking out for the day. I can’t hardly wait. The wedding will be over and it will have been fabulous, Courtney and Justin will be on their honeymoon,  Steve’s surgery will be over (more on that later) and hopefully the house will be in some semblance of order cause we just had a wedding.

When I woke up this morning, immediately  “the list” comes to mind. What needs to be done today and why aren’t there more hours in the day?  I reach over and check on my sleeping husband because there is so much stress in his life I make sure he’s still breathing. I pray for him. This life, this roller coaster ride is about to change. It’s been fun and I would not have changed a thing, but it’s time to get off. I want to ride on the lazy river for a while. After I push the list from my brain, the day of  events is played over. Not my day but those in my life. I have a friend starting chemo today. So many new things in their life. Not fabulous, wonderful things but scary, terrifying things. Stop and pray for their day. People in my circle are looking for homes, selling homes, their marriages are not what they want it to be, there is sadness and heartache everywhere. Pray Charma. God’s got this. He knows the hairs on our heads, He loves us and has our stories already written. I know all this, without a doubt. However every day, sometimes every minute a reminder is needed.

I spoke to a friend this week and as her story unfolded she spoke of a transition with her son  and how she used this time as an example of faith with another mother going through the same thing. Our stories matter. We live through things to have a testimony of how God got us through. I’m always amazed at His faithfulness.

So as this day starts and the list has now returned I will remember yesterday when Justin and I spoke of his vows he recently written. I was blown away that he asked me to read what he had written. Me. His almost Mom was able to read a little into his heart. His words were beautiful.

Today I will keep into perspective the real reason for the hard work, time and worry that goes into this wedding day. Not because the guest list has grown and we don’t have enough tables or chairs, not because I’m freaking out over the menu, not because the porch currently doesn’t have a floor and that’s where the bride needs to stand but because God has blessed our family so incredibly much. We are gaining a new son.

And my list will begin with prayer for my sweet friend and her family that will journey into chemo today. You can pray too. It’s easy. Let’s pray together.

Father God today is a big day in the lives of my friends. Please calm their nerves and as that healing medicine runs through her body today, be very present. Allow her to feel as if you are sitting right next to her. Give her the peace to know that you’ve got this. You love her more than anyone else. Allow those around her to be used as vessels for you. Be very present in her husband and in her children.  Give them the strength they need in whatever situation that is. Bring people into their lives that can provide whatever it is they need. I ask all these things and so much more. I love you. Amen

well I gotta go and write down the list running through my head.

You all have a wonderful Thursday!


the girl listening to her husband and the dog snore.



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The outside at last

The outside……finally the outside.

The exterior. The grass. The plants. OMG landscaping and flowers!

A few weeks ago, we were able to have sod laid in the back yard. Now those of you who have been around the blog, remember the backyard looked like Jumangi? Large scary vines with weird flower like heads. Half dead trees and weeds completely covering the backyard. Here is just a sampling of the atrocity we called our backyard.

Fast forward a few months. Many tress are gone, a crew of people with large machinery came through  and leveled it out, brought in 3, yes 3 dump trucks of dirt and finally glorious sod. The backyard now does not resemble a horror movie that in would be afraid to get lost in.  It’s now pretty much a football field  of grass. Luxurious and ready for a very large tent to be put up in 2 weeks and 5 days.

There are still flowers to plant around trees and mulch to be laid but can you say improvement?


The front yard has also come full circle. It still has a ways to go, but there is no comparison from before to after.

Notice on your right the greenery? Yeah that’s not flowers or even plants. Weeds people, weeds.


More weeds and other NON beauties. Can you see the blue porch ceiling? Makes me happy.


There is still sod to go in on either side but we now have roses, per my request, because what old farmhouse doesn’t have roses? The sidewalk going up to the porch is the wedding aisle.


We also have Red Crepe Myrtle trees.


We have azaleas and more roses. We have a hedge to cover the air conditioners and just look at that Magnolia Tree. One day soon as I look at the kitchen window, there will be Magnolia flowers to view. LOVE.


And now for the commercial. You all know how much we DIY EVERYTHING. However will the wedding so close we called our friends Jireh Custom Landscape to come and landscape the front and sides. They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Anything landscape oriented, they are the people for you. They also specialize in hardscape items. Stay tuned for more information.


Wedding preparation is in full swing. Interested in watching the nuptials via live feed, let me know and I’ll give you the details.


C-Dawn who is still one with the floor



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Being thankful

I’m not thankful for waking at 2:30 am. However what awakened me is thankfulness.

I am thankful that this time tomorrow night we will more than likely be sleeping our first night in the old house. We have seriously worked so hard this week to check off all the things failed from last weeks final inspection. It was a pretty hefty list and Steve completed the majority of the list while being gone 3 days this week out of town for work. I worry about him. He knows I worry and he tells me to stop but I will not. I’ll worry like it’s my job and he will not stop me. He sleeps beside me and I am thankful.

I am thankful for landscaping going in tomorrow. The budget doesn’t call for flowers but when a wedding is in the very near future, pretty flowers are a must. I am thankful for amazingly talented friends who vision beauty and who will make it happen. He stopped last night with his handy dandy spray can on a stick and started laying out the plan. I giggled and jumped around a little. He said “Its going to look better.” Really? I said “come on! I can make it look better just by pulling the giant weeds. I know you are going to make it so beautiful, and I am thankful.”

Wedding plans are progressing. It’s moved from planning to doing. Courtney stopped by today and we got into a little disagreement. She is overwhelmed, I am overwhelmed, Steve is overwhelmed. We are all 3 pleasers.   Can’t we just all get along!!!  She storms off. I’m mad and Steve is trying to settle the two women he loves the most. “Please just call her and talk her off the ledge” Yes dear.

I am thankful that even though emotions are high and there is much to do, we can step back and realize that this time will not be forever. Life will return  to normal, there will be an amazing wedding and our family unit will survive and thrive.

Friends stop by. They apologize for dropping by unannounced. Oh please……

As we walk through the house she gushes over the beauty. I fill with pride. Good pride, not haughty, look at us pride. The pride of what the old house used to be and what it is today. Pride of the accomplishments through hard work and perseverance. They are such good friends. Friends that we have walked beside through really hard times. Friends who we have laughed and cried with. Friends who we do life with.

This friend can talk to a door post. Kind of like me. As I tour with her, we come around the corner and he’s standing in naked girls stairway talking to the stair guy. Well of course he knows Jeff, he knows everyone!!! He’s kind and thoughtful. He makes who never he is around comfortable. I hear him talk about how God is incredible and how he gives all praise to Him. Through sickness, through pain all praise goes to Him.

We stand around the kitchen, the dirty kitchen. The kitchen I look forward to feeding people from. As we stand there, I dream of hosting friends. Steve comes in. He smiles. He hugs. I’m thankful.

We are cleaning up to go home. I think it’s 9:00pm. Jeff the stair guy is still here too. I told him months ago that if you work at our house you are family whether you like it or not. Just work with it. I’m thankful that even non blood family’s members can sit on the stairs and talk about life. They can tell how the last few years have been difficult but through  prayer and Gods plan for their life things are going to be ok. I am thankful that God has blessed us with talented and super nice people for subs at the old house.

Another friend has offered to video the wedding. He came over tonight so we could plan. We talked and laughed. There was so much commotion going on all at the same time.

The camera needs to be here and the light needs to be there. No you will be in the way of the flower girl and dont forget Fender will be here too. Oh Yea I lost the battle of the dog being in the wedding.

The car will pull up here and we don’t want you to be hit by any passing  cars.

Oh call the city and see if we can block the street. Oh just block it off, it’s 10 minutes for goodness sake. Um…

He’s walking around snapping pictures. Courtney had tried a new makeup and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She will be the most beautiful bride.

There is talk about a flag bow tie. Oh please no

Another is watching from the porch and decides to snap pictures of me being silly. I will get you back. Thank you for being here.

So much going on. Missing small group again.

Life is full. It is so full that some days I just want to pull the covers over my head and hide. Nope that’s August 20th. I have declared that Charma Day!

Today I will put my feet on the floor, hopefully after a couple more hours of sleep, and I will make it a great day. Because I have that choice.

Also because the floors will not get down without me. The floors and I are one.


the girl who be thankful but might need reminded once in a while.

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