Painting……lots of painting

This weekend included paint. Lots and lots of paint.

There was enamel primer

There was enamel floor paint 

There was latex primer 

There was latex trim paint

Ya’ll my back hurts. But you know what? I finished the floors! Did you hear me? The floors are finished. Today I painted the last room. 

Oh my word.

The. Floors. Are. Finished.

As I completed the stained floors on the first floor, I thought I would never be so happy. However, the second floor painting of floors won the award. 

Now I wait.

The floors in the last room need to dry for 48 hours before furniture is moved. 

Painting isn’t over but at least there’s no more floor sitting bending  in half.

Next? Baby Jack needs a dresser! 

Hang tight it’s almost done and I can’t wait to show you. 


The girl looking forward to Monday. 

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What’s happening 

The Reno has officially moved upstairs. 

It’s been all about downstairs and what everyone sees and don’t get me wrong, there’s still A LOT to do downstairs especially with a baby shower coming up.

Have you seen the progress in Jacks room? The stripes are completed. The floor is painted. Baseboards has been installed. Door trim is up and everything is moving forward. 


There is one more room upstairs to be touched and it’s a doozy.

It’s the front room that has the attic access.

Oh my word ya’ll……..there is stuff everywhere. It’s all gotta go somewhere so this floor can be painted. Check out that crooked lamp. What in the world? 

This room has the best storage opportunities. The old house is big, we know that, but storage is premium. 

Mr. has been installing shelves. Can you say linen closet and office supplies?

We will also be putting a refrigerator in this space under the attic stairs so that new mommy and daddy will not have to be slupping up and down the stairs 49 times a day.

This week I am painting floors in this space.

2 coats of primer

2 coats of top coat

Super stinky enamel paint 

Does not come off with soap and water. My new fashion statement is paint covered skin. 

So far the closet is done, just in time for the electrician.

The first half of the room has two coats of primer  and 1 coat of top coat. Today I finish the second topcoat and move to the other half of the room. 

Pray that I will be able to stand up straight after being hunched over a floor for over a week. 

Happy Tuesday friends!

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Who is your audience?

I like TV.

I especially enjoy a great drama. However I do regularly indulge in The Bachelor, Survivor and of course HGTV and I are great friends.

Has a television show ever impacted you? I can’t say often one does but this week one did. 

This is Us is a new drama that I watch. Oh my word……so many emotions. It makes me laugh out loud and cry, a lot. But this week it made me think. 

Kevin is one of the main characters. He was a television star and has recently been preparing for a roll in a play. 

The play was opening and on opening night, his brother Randall had an emotional breakdown and instead of Kevin staying for the opening night of the play, he went to Randall’s side. He missed the night when critics came to the play. 

As he prepared for the second night opening, he begged The NY Times critic to please come again to see his performance. 

The night of the play came.

The critic was not there. 

But Kevin’s family was there and his new/secret girlfriend/ex-wife stood in the back. They all beemed with pride. Kevin was disappointed that the critic was not there but decided that no matter what, he was supported by the people that loved him the most in the world.

That night Kevin receives a phone call in the middle of the night. Ron Howard has been at his play and wanted to send him a script for his upcoming movie. Wow. 

I say all this to say. Who is your audience?

Who are you expecting to be watching you and who really is? 

When I care for my family, I do it because I love them, not for recognition.

When I am honored enough to be on the worship team at church, I’m grateful for the talents I have been given and am happiest leading others as the sing about Jesus.

When I post things about our big old house renovation, I want others to be brave enough to know that they can do anything they set their minds to. 

I want at the end of my life to not be wondering who my audience was but to be greeted at the gates of heaven and to be told “well done, good and faithful servant, well done.”

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Painting stripes 

Pinterest is a gift and a curse all at the same time. It allows inspiration to flood  your brain and it allows inspiration to consume your brain.

When Courtney and I discussed what she wanted Jacks nursery/room to look like, she didn’t have many specifics so I went to Pinterest and poured through photos. 

His room is not huge but it’s perfect for his bed, a dresser and a rocking chair for many hours of rocking, readings and singing. I have a chair already but more on that later. 

I have known for months that I wanted to paint stripes on one wall in Jacks nursery. Once the ceiling was complete, I was ready tackle the stripes.

I measured out the stripes. Always, always use a pencil. 

I taped.

Hindsight…..use frogtape, not blue tape.

Blue first 

Then a little green

And finally the white 

I’m in love 

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Jack’s room

Yes it has begun.

Jack William Wissinger will be arriving in less than 2 months so it’s time to get started for goodness sake. His room is the last room in the old house to be touched so here we go.

It was the throw it all in room. If something didn’t have a place, it came here.

Even before it was Jacks room, it was always the nursery. Why? Not sure. We had named all the other rooms in the house. Some names came from the tenants that used to live here and some have gotten names of their own. One day Steve named it the nursery and it stuck. Now it’s really a nursery!

Last week Steve started on the ceiling. It needed repaired, sanded and last night it was painted. The original bead board ceilings good as new. 

I started on the floors. Repairs and more repairs. Then the repairs needed sanded and ready for paint. 

I alread painted the closet and this week starts the accent wall. 

Measure once 

Tape three or four times

I’m finishing up this wall today and I’ll show you tomorrow. 

It’s gorgeous darling, simply gorgeous!

And oh the plans I have for that window!!

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A Chef I am Not.

I know my way around a kitchen. I do not claim to be chef-worthy but I can cook edible food.

Last week we were having “Breakfast for dinner.” A family favorite.

Biscuits and Gravy. Yum.

Brown the sausage -√

Pull from the pantry:  Flour, salt and pepper – √

Pull from the refrigerator: milk – √

Sprinkle the browned sausage with some flour (no measuring necessary)

Smoosh it around until the flour is combined with the meat. Looking good.

Add the milk, salt and pepper

Let the gravy cook for a couple of minutes so the gravy thickens with the milk and flour mixture.

Ok…..sometimes it takes a little more flour. We like thick gravy.

I add more flour. And then more flour. And more. And more.

Whatever…….my gravy is just not going to be thick this time.

Cook the biscuits.

Call the family to the table.

“Wow this gravy is good” “What did you do to make it taste sweet?”

I walk to the pantry and look at the container I had been dipping flour from….

Powdered sugar.

Good grief.


the girl whose husband decided to share her gravy story at church. whatever.

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Let them see You in me

Sunday mornings are my favorite. 

I’ve picked out my clothes on Saturday night because I want to be all prepared as I wake before all others in my home. Plus, I want to look cute, I won’t lie. 

Sundays mean, we as a church body huddle up together, get encouraged, learn more about the God we serve and love on our friends. 

I sit in the 4th row. It’s my comfort spot. Why? Not sure but I don’t think I’m the only other person who sits in the same spot every week. My friend Lara sits behind me, my small group usually sits in front of me. I love to see my friends each and every week.

I also enjoy meeting new people. 

Today, as I sit in my same seat, a new person sits in front of me. He comes in during worship. 

I notice he carries a backpack. 

I notice he is not super clean and that he has an odor. 

My mind immediately goes to homelessness. I have many homeless friends. Sometimes I smell too. I work outside so yeah I stink too. 

As my mind wanders to the gentleman in front of me……..Charma really? Why are you fixating on his personal appearance? 

As soon as he turns around I make eye contact and I shake his hand and introduce myself. I am so grateful to meet you. He gives me his name with a smile. 

He sits alone and others notice his odor as well. 

Now I can’t do a thing about his appearance but I can make him feel welcome. 

I can’t make other people accept him but I grab the back of his seat while we sing and pray for him. I pray that he sees Jesus in me. 

I don’t say this to say “look at me, how accepting I am of someone different then me” I say this so maybe you will take a moment and pray for my new friend Shaun. 

Pray for his safety

Pray that he’s sees Jesus and that he feels Jesus’ love in so many other ways today. 

Happy Sunday friends. 

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