Nancys cabinet 

My sweet friend Nancy called me. 

“Charma, I have a cabinet in my bathroom. It’s ugly and needs to be painted. Can you help me?” 

Of course I said yes. 

I said yes before I knew what it was

I said yes before I knew if it was paintable. Everything is paintable.

I just said yes 

I should have taken it in it’s original place but of course I forgot. 

It wasn’t bad.

It’s dated and could use a facelift but  really not bad.

I asked my normal questions 

What do you want it to look like? 

What color do you want it to be?

What paint sheen do you want? Semi gloss? Satin? Chalk paint?

Do you like the distressed look? 

Sometimes they know exactly what they want and sometimes there’s the look……

You know, a little confused.

And that’s ok!! Just because I know what all that means doesn’t mean my friends do. 

Pictures are important. Some people are visual…….like me! I need to see it to know if I like it. Pinterest is sometimes necessary.

My bestie is so smart. Sometimes she rattles on about engineering nonsense that I can’t begin to understand. One evening she was rambling about something technical and I looked at her and said “Becky, did you know that you mix regular paint with calcium carobonate and it makes chalk paint?” She looked at me like I had three heads and then gave me a high five. We laughed. Her language is not always my language and visa verse but that’s why we are all so unique. Different strokes. I love it 

Ok. Back to the cabinet

My friend said “Charma, I want you to paint it as if it were going in your house.” 

Well ok! I can do that!

I picked it up.

I realized it was made of pressed wood. Now most think it isn’t paintable but it is! 

Remove the drawers 

Take off the hardware


Yes you even sand pressed wood 


Yes you always prime. I promise you won’t be disappointed 

I mixed up some white chalk paint (the pre-mixed stuff is really nice but gosh does it hurts my wallet.)

Paint. This cabinet took 3 coats. Most do the time 2 will do but you just play it by ear. 

Chalk paint feels rough and dry but sandpaper makes it feel smooth and fabulous. 

Wax and you are done.

It’s like a miracle 

I wanted new hardware but I took the chance of just painting the originals. It worked! 

I painted them with the same chalk paint and then just sanded them smooth.

It’s hard to see but the distressing is the best part. 

Just a little rub here and a rub there.

There might have even been a pointy screwdriver used in the grooves in the back wall.

I would definitely want this in my house and I’m so happy my sweet friend loves it in hers.

We are heading to Georgia this weekend to pick up a new member of our fleet. Excited!!!!

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A treasure 

Yard sales are my thing.

They are fun

They are an adventure

You never know what you will find 

A couple months ago, I saled with Diane. She is my sister yard saler.

We came upon a cute little table. Most would walk by 

It had a broken piece that no one, even the owner didn’t know where it went .

It had a secret compartment under the top but the top didn’t open to be able to get to the secret compartment. It had weird hinges in weird places. 

However, it was sold wood. It had perfect legs and the cutest casters I ever did see. 

I had some ideas what it could be

-a dressing table

– a desk

-A small table with chairs 

Either one would be really cute. 

I asked Diane if she wanted it. 

She said yes 

I asked Dad if he could hinge the top 

He said yes 

Diane wanted to help 

I said yes

Sand the whole thing 

Prime the whole thing 

Paint the legs and the base. I’ll stain the top.

You missed a few spots.

Great Job! 

Now let’s give it a little surprise and paint the inside a different color. 

How about blue?

She said yes

You need a cute chair 

Let cover the seat with a fabric that matches the blue inside 

She said yes 

I distressed the paint and waxed it dark. She loves vintage

I know we are friends forever 

It now sits in her room. She will fill it with her morning necessities and nothin makes me happier than having a piece of mine in the home of people I love.

Look closely. 

There’s a little sign for her to read when she opens the lid.

“You make me happy when skies are gray.” 

Have a great Monday friends. 


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What are you wearing  today? 

I am in awe of people. 

I watch as those around me deal with such adversity. They sometimes suffer in silence. Sometimes it’s a privilege to stand beside them and watch as they walk a road no one should have to walk. 

Maybe it’s an illness.

Maybe they face a trial for a mistake they made.

Maybe they have lost a friend to cancer 

Maybe the someone they thought they would be with forever, didn’t want to be with them 

Maybe, just maybe no one knows what is going on in their life.

I listened to a podcast the other day and a sentence stuck with me.

“Do you wear your sorrow?”

What do you mean “do you wear your sorrow?”

Do you wear it like a scarf so everyone sees it? 

Do you wrap your self up in your sorrow and hide from the world?

Wiki quote says:

Sorrow is a profound experience of unhappiness, woe, or sadness.

How do you deal with sorrow? 

I’m a hide from the world kind of girl. 

Sorrow will find me today. I will have to put on my big girl pants today and deal with it. 

Will it consume me? 


I’m not going to wear it like a giant wool sweater ( I might suffocate in our 100 degree weather) 

I awoke early and have already headed straight to His word.

I may walk through valleys as dark as death, but I won’t be afraid.

You are with me, and your shepherd’s rod makes me feel safe.

Psalm 23:4

These promises provide comfort 

If you don’t have sorrow today, it will come another day. 

Will you wear your sorrow?

Or will you go to the altar?

Today has started way before the sun rises.

Coffee is a must and I’m going to go pick out something cute to wear. I’m not wearing my sorrow today.

Have a blessed day,


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When the electricity fails

Hey friends,

Long time no write!

I’ve not known what to say. 

There is so much sadness in our world. So much hurt and so much pain. It seems petty to post pictures of a painted furniture piece or my next project. So I wait. I wait for an experience worth posting about. 

Last week we prepared for Sunday church in the midst of the Las Vegas shooting. Something I love so much about our church is its leaders and the ability to change. Change a series because God says that His people need to hear something else. Change songs because Worship doesn’t have a set list in God’s eyes. 

The teaching changed

The Worship songs changed 

And Sunday morning when we arrived on campus at 7:00am the electricity changed. We had 60% of our lights, no air conditioning and most of the sound equipment didn’t work. The plaza where our church campus is located had lost at least one leg of wires from the transformer.

We had already changed the set and added two brand new songs from Wednesday night rehearsal. That alone is a lot. Rehearsal was not the greatest and we were all ready to smooth out the kinks and get ready for the 9:00 gathering. 

The teaching title for the day was “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” 

Our pastor comes in during rehearsal and he was so excited! He mentioned that the current state of electricity could not have been planned any better. 

Our God, in our darkest moments does His biggest miracles.

That was the big idea. 

I can’t even describe Sunday morning. The power with its limitations only created the most powerful presence. 

The 10:30 am gathering begins.

The Worship is amazing. Just a few of my friends. So much talent 

The teaching is amazing

We begin to sing the last song of the morning. It’s titled “Our Hope is in You.” 

We are halfway through the song. You can listen here: 

Oh God all our hope is in You

Oh God all our hope is in You

No other name

No other way

Our only hope

Oh God is in You 

The lights…..Come on

Pastor Mark looks back at the band

The room erupts. 

People thought it was planned


Only God can plan something so incredible.

He’s got our whole world in His hands

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Just like that…. you are 5 months old. 

Dear Jack,

You are 5 months old this week. It seems like last week you were born.

Look how little you were! 

And now?

You love Sesame Steeet. 

Elmo is your favorite. 

You are so cute! 

You laugh and make baby talk all the time now. You gabber like you’ve really got something to say.

You grab everything and of course it goes into your mouth. Yesterday you got your first tooth. You would have thought by your families reaction that you had just won the gold medal. 

We still spend most mornings, just you and I, around 7:30 sitting on the porch watching the neighborhood kids go to school. We watch the cars drive by and we talk about the kind of car it is and the color. There’s a BIG white Car or there’s a little GREEN car!!!

We sing. 


I’m sure the neighbors are really sick of our songs. We sing a lot on the porch. 

You love “The ants go marching” and “Apples and Bananas. ”

You like to jump. It can be with your feet on the ground but you really like to jump on our bellies. 

You can roll from you back to your front and from your front to your back.

You are practicing crawling. You are really good at “the swim”

Pops and I have been talking about how we need to get gates on the stairs soon. No babies falling down stairs please. 

You will sit long enough to read a book if it’s an exciting one. Old McDonald is a favorite. Of course singing goes along with it.

You are a big boy, Jack Wissinger. You weigh 18.6 pounds and you are 26.25″ tall. 

You will be sitting up soon all by yourself and Mommy says you will start trying new foods in a few weeks. 

You had your first chiropractic adjustment this week. The Dr. said you were perfect. 

You have discovered your tongue.

You are a happy little boy.

I don’t think I could love you more.



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Look past what it is. 

I like to look at things and see it in a different life. 

Maybe a big bookshelf can be transformed into an office cabinet. Yes I will be doing that soon 

Maybe an old rusty metal drawing file cabinet can be a coffee table. 

A vintage dresser can be an entertainment cabinet 

An old chandelier and some embroidery hoops might be able to be a chandelier. 

I love to give things a new life.

While we were renovating the Carports/garages, I needed to weed through the project pieces. If it didn’t have a life, it needed to go. That’s HARD!!!

Enter this table

It was a coffee table and it was eh. Mediocre. An ok coffee table. 

I didn’t need a coffee table. I have a cool coffee table made out of a metal filing cabinet. 

However the top was different.

It has a wavy lip around the top. 

Think Charma. What can it be?

Remove the legs

It had a really flat and nice wood surface. 

And there was that wavy piece.





Have your super talented friend make you vinyl letters of a scripture you love 

What was once a table is now a sign

And those lanterns were leftover from the old house. The holders are really outdoor plant holders. Just because it says outside doesn’t mean it has to be outside.

Never underestimate what something can be.

Maybe even you??? 

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My lifters 

I just read an article by Jen Hatmaker. She is my favorite women’s speaker and author. She’s funny and real. She’s not afraid to tell you about the crap in her life and how’s she’s dealing with it. 

She recently posted about a weekend away with her “people.” She called them her lifters. I loved that.  

I have at times talked about arm holders. Just like Moses in the Bible. When he was too weary to hold him arms up, Aaron and Hur stood beside him and held them up for him. 

Lifters are the same.

I’ve been blessed with lifters and I will continue to be a lifter for as long as God allows me to be. 

As we woke this morning, Steve is feverish and sick. He is not often sick. He always cares for everyone else but today, I will care for him. Not just the regular day of care. Laundry, dinner and a kiss goodbye as he leaves for work. Today I will be his lifter. 

These are my people. 

Women crave relationships. 

Women need other women and I have been lucky enough to find these two. They are my lifters and I am theirs.

Women go through crap too. They struggle with fear and anxiety. They have moments of “what am I going to do now.” They will travel through tough times. We all have family and our families are amazing. However to have the presence of your lifters, moments that you can laugh even though life is hard, is a gift I cannot explain.  This week I will be a lifter. Details are not necessary but just know that when you have people, sometimes they need you and sometimes you need them. It goes both ways and can never be one sided. 

God has blessed me with an amazing family and my lifters. 

I am forever grateful.

I gotta go put on my nurse uniform today:) 

Be blessed. 

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