Plywood Scraps and a New Name

Old houses have names.

I BADLY wanted for our house to have it’s original name but no one, absolutely no one can prove to me the original builder/owner of our home and unless it’s factual, I’m not interested in speculation

My Dad moved to a big old farmhouse in the countryside of Ohio when he was in early elementary school . The house had a name.


The house was a converted hotel that would house workers that were traveling the Erie Canal.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The farmhouse burned down in 1967.

The morning of the fire my grandmother was working the election polls but would have normally been home. My uncle, who was confined to a wheelchair had gotten up to take care of his 2 year old son but would normally have been still in bed when the fire erupted.

If our house can’t have its original name, it can have a name that has meaning.

I wanted to document our name with a sign.

I will be creating something for the front porch of the house but for now, the pool-house gets titled.

Some plywood and some scrap 1 x 2’s are gathered.

I made a sign

And nailed my finger with the nail gun at the same time

Some letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby

I painted them and placed them exactly how I wanted

A little help to hang it and now Grandview 2 – established 2018 is complete.

Grandview is more than a piece of history. It is also more than a new name for an old house.

Grandview is what I see when I wake every morning as people mill around the house making breakfast and preparing for the day.

Grandview is what I see when friends gather around our table.

Grandview is what I notice when we swing on the front porch and wave to the neighbors

Grandview is what is appreciated as we float in the pool on Sunday afternoons.

Grandview is more than a house.

Grandview is the life we have created.

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My view of Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day………. what does it mean to you?


A lazy day?

Breakfast in bed?

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of “card holidays.” The holidays when the stores have special sections just for that day. When there are expectations of gifts or cards or special treatment on a specific day. Bahumbug?


When is Mother’s Day for me? It’s every day but there are some days that stand out.

33 years ago when I became a Mom

31 years ago when I had a miscarriage at 4 1/2 months pregnant

Almost 30 years ago when our son was born

2 years ago when I became a BB (grandmother)

The days I spend time with my Mom. I watch her at the beautiful age of 83. She is healthy and spirited. She has recently painted her entire deck. It’s a huge deck!! She has a giant servants heart. She is a caretaker and sees the needs of others before herself every single time. I’ve watched her have more good days than bad since Dad left.

I aspire to be like her.

The days I spend time with my daughter. I watch her be a Mom. She’s so dedicated to her job. The job of being a mother and a wife. She’s a teacher and a student at the same time. She shares with her son all of her knowledge and she gathers knowledge from books and from Gods Word. She goes to mass almost daily with a 2 year old and rarely asks for help. I watch her be humble in spirit and dedicated to her family.

I aspire to be like her.

The times my son calls. We live in different cities but when we chat, it feels like he’s in the same room. We are different and alike in so many ways. I watch as he is a learner. I listen to him as he speaks so fluently of his passions. I watch as he turns into Uncle Kyle as soon as he sees Jack on the phone screen or as he walks in the door. I watch as he cares for others. Always putting them first and sometimes struggling because he’s put himself last. I see his dad in him and that makes me smile.

I aspire to be more like him.

When my friends and I trade kid/grandkids stories. We are mostly the same age and in the same seasons of life. We have grown children and have grandchildren. We share the good and the not so good. We lift each other up when needed and maybe get put in our place when we are out of line. I listen as they care for their families and cry when they struggle. We laugh at the silly and share pictures that no one else see.

I’m so grateful for my friends

I share my life with him. He is the other half to me the Mom. He helped make me the Mom who I am so many years ago and today.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I celebrate you, the Moms, the women who would do anything to be a Mom, the tired and over worked Moms, the women who will always be a Mom even though their child has gone on before them, the Moms who don’t or can’t see their children, the scared Moms, the abused Moms, the sleep deprived and soon to be Moms, the grandmoms, the adult children Mom, the lonely and sad Moms……….

To all and so many more…….this might be the card holiday, but I celebrate you and me everyday.

May your weekend be filled with the people you love.

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Merry Christmas to Us

Christmas 2018 family gift was a fishing day in Cedar Key with friend and fishing Guide extraordinaire Jason Lowe who is the owner of JLowes Guide Service.

It’s not the easiest task to schedule 7 adults, one toddler and one guide, who is soon to be a grandpa, all at once for a whole day. This includes one pregnant woman, 2 men who live out of town and the ridiculous schedules for the rest of the crew.

However we did it and April 27th was our day.

The toddler aka Jack was uninvited and spent the day with his PoPo and Mimi.

We arrived at the Cedar Key ramp at 9am and the day began.

It was a beautiful Spring-ish day. The sun was shining and the temperatures in the morning were cool.

We began with a boat ride around cedar key. Jason pointed out places of interest and we stopped off at an island to view a very old cemetery.

It was a beautiful island

The mosquitos almost took us away.

We saw the lighthouse

And the Manatees were a highlight of the day.

The family loves to have their pictures taken. Not.

We picnic’ed on North Key. Fried chicken, chips, watermelon and brownies are always a hit.

Jason shared that North Key was once the possible site for a leper colony. Can you even believe it?

Courtney and Mom were dropped off after our sightseeing morning and the boys and I went out fishing for the rest of the day.

The fish were not abundant but we have enough for a great Mothers Day of fish tacos for the family when they come to visit.

Thanks Jason for a great day on the water.

Thanks family for spending the whole day together. You are loved 💜

Merry Christmas to us.

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Peggy Martin Roses

There is nothing I like more than a story behind the meaning of doing something.

When the garage was enclosed on one end, I knew I wanted the wall to make a statement.

We added a planter and filled it with plants.

But I needed to find something special for the wall.

I searched to something extra special for the wall.

One day, this photo popped up on my feed

Holy cow!! I want that !!

Thank goodness there is a trail to find it.

This rose has a story and it was absolutely perfect.

“She” is the classic old Southern rose “Peggy Martin,” named for an avid Louisiana gardener whose home and property stood under 20 feet of salt water for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The only plants to survive were one crinum and a tough-as-nails beauty of a rose that Martin had acquired through pass-along cuttings from friends in New Orleans.

One year later, ours doesn’t quite look like this yet but it’s a great start.

Steve built a cedar trellis for Peggy to trail up on

We even had blooms this year and they are stunning

If Peggy can survive two weeks under hurricane floor waters, I think she should survive here. A beautiful piece of history attached to a beautiful piece of history

Have a great weekend.

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Wallpaper is too Hard

I do not post pictures of our Master Bedroom because it is not done. It’s completely livable but cute? Not really. I have so many plans for the space and it’s definitely coming to the top of the to-do list.

When you walk into it bedroom, the first thing you see is a cute set of sliding barn doors. Seriously? They need some handles.

When the doors are opened, you see the vanity and mirrors.

Pretty shaker cabinets with a marble top and scalloped edged mirrors. Very pretty but missing some vavoom.

Most of the time, the doors to the bathroom are open.

I wanted to wallpaper the wall behind the vanity a big floral print. I wanted it to make a statement. However Steve is the one who made the statement.

Are you planning on wallpapering behind the vanity? You know there are pipes that would have to be removed and that will mean hiring a plumber……..

Well yes, of course that’s what I wanted.

I even had the wallpaper already picked out and just waiting to add to my cart.

Plan B

What can I do to still make a statement?

I started with Google

Then I went to Pinterest

And I ended with Amazon.

Did you know that here are giant stickers that are like wallpaper?

No moving furniture.

Just pull the paper off the back and stick it on. Here are some of the ideas I found

Big stickers it is!!!

They came in a box

You cut them apart

Place them on the wall in the pattern that you like best using painters tape.

By the way, this is the hardest step.

Climb on the stool

Climb on the counter

Place the giant sticker on the wall with one hand while taping it on the wall with the other

Climb down onto the stool

Step back and either hate or love the current placement


Finally…… I’m in love with the giant sticker flowers. I love how they cascade from one side, under the mirrors and land up in the corner.

Why a stool?

Little man likes to come in and brush his teeth

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Spring Brings New Life

It is no secret that I don’t like cold weather. The thoughts of 5 layers and my eyes watering from the wind makes me a little mad. I like shorts and dresses, sandals and the sunshine. The beach over the snow would win every time.

As soon as the weather app shows the first songs of a warming trend, I sketch out my garden plan and start thinking of the flowers I want to add to our current beds.

I am by no means a farmer but the first signs of blooms, makes me practically giddy with excitement.

This year is no exception.

Dad had a fondness for blackberry blushes and each year he would tend to his. The old house is no exception. We started with two bushes that dad received as a gift prior to him leaving for heaven and we have expanded our bushes to 11. The are blooming and we have already been able to snack on a few.

We have baby tomatoes showing up and I’m sure that tie wraps are not the appropriate way to attach them to the stake. However, I did mention that I am not a farmer.

We have peppers and eggplant, okra and I’m even trying watermelon this year. Somethings are a huge success and we reap the bounty and some……..not so much. The pumpkins last year were obliterated by moths. It was a sad day when I pulled up all the vines.

The backyard was planned to be full of edibles and we are well on our way. Currently we have peaches

And lemons

Hopefully next year we will have limes and tangerines.

There is nothing better than seeing your hard work and care provide beauty as well as food

Enjoy this beautiful day friends.

Get outside and let the sun shine on your face.

Thanking God for the grand view He has provided.

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St. Croix Easter Weekend – Going Home

I wanted until the end of the day, as we drive home to write this post. Why? Well I wasn’t sure we were going to make it home.

We had taken a layer flight than our friends because we wanted a few extra hours on the island. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to turn in our rental car and head to the gate to pick up our boarding passes. It was a smaller airline so pre-boarding was not an option, which makes me nervous.

This was the line upon our arrival.

Lines aren’t such a bad thing. It was as beautiful day. The sun was shining and the breeze always blows on St. Croix.

However the line didn’t move.

And it didn’t move again and again.

An hour passes and we are still standing in the same place. The same families were standing at the counter the whole time. I assume they were having difficulties and as as they were done, we would begin to move. However that didn’t happen and there was talk of a cancelled flight.

Uh oh. Cancelled flight means we miss our connecting flight and it goes down from there. My thoughts go wild. We will have to sleep in the airport in San Juan, etc. Dang it. I wore a stupid dress and that means sitting up all night. I had all kinds of thoughts rambling around and in the end……. it wasn’t our flight so all those ramblings were for nothing.

Small airports crack me up. All the gates are seated in the same area and the planes look like they are parked in the back yard.

We were flying from St. Croix to San Juan for the first leg of our journey home. I was concerned about the size of the plane since it was a short plane ride. I’m not my most comfortable self while riding on airplanes. I’m a little bit of a chicken.

So as we boarded our “puddle jumper” my poor tall husband had to fold himself over as we found our way to our seat.

And then there were propellers that I could actually see.

Not a fan

One final view of St. Croix as we fly over

Does anyone else overeat junk food while on vacation. It’s ridiculous and I’m ashamed…..

We made it onto our last flight and unfortunately we weren’t able to sit together. My seat partner just happened to snore





Thank goodness for ear buds.

We now are heading home via the turnpike and will soon find comfort in our own bed.

Vacations are so fun and I love them but there is truly no place like home.

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