It all started in dads garage


My dad has had these lockers for as long as I can remember. Long before I cared about old stuff. Long before I loved to save things from the landfill, make them pretty and add them to my home decor.

Dad kept these lockers in his many garages. They were usually filled with rags, sandpaper and other very important things. Most would walk into dads garage and cringe. It was a hoarders dream garage.

As a child I hated dads garage. It was dirty and smelly. It was filed with junk cars, other stuff and always a dog.  I had no interest for cause you know I was a little of a princess growing up. I never wanted to be dirty, always had to look “just so.” I would never have gone to a yard sale or EVER stepped foot into a thrift store. As long as Mom had the VISA card handy, I was happy. What in the world???

Just a few years later, I am dirty more than I am clean, I love a garage full of old stuff just about more than anything and I only shop yard sales and thrift stores. They are my happy place.

Back to the lockers……I have admired them for a long time, now that I’m not a snooty teenager anymore and I see the value of something incredibly cool! While moving……again, I asked……..again, “I have the perfect place for these lockers in the old house.” He said yes. He said YES!!! YES!! YES!!!! YYyYEeEeSSsSsS!!!!!

Fast forward a few weeks and the parents are away. Dad might change his mind so I better get busy.

Currently  there are 187 rags living on my laundry room counter. They need a home along with some other valuable items. The lockers, yea the lockers.

I’m home alone and the lockers are currently living in the hoard outside in the carport. How heavy can lockers be? So I strap on my sneakers and head to the hoard. Of course they are in the back behind the portable lift, 14 chairs and some outdoor furniture. I could wait for Steve to get home but that means I would have to wait. Just move some stuff around and they will slide right out.

I maneuver my way around the glorious hoard and already have plans for about 6 other projects. Yes I have a sickness.

The lockers aren’t even wedged in, glorious day!  Slide here, wiggle there, they are moving! Uh oh they are falling. Crap get out of the way!

So nothing is damaged and the lockers are still intact. However I think they might have bumped me on the way down.

Worth it. Totally worth it. Wait till you see!!


the non princess, however I never said I wasn’t a queen.



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A few funnies

The life of a home renovator while living in the home can be challenging. While I have recently whined about the challenges I have chosen to embrace them instead. There will be NO MORE WHINING!

This week has brought laughter instead and what’s better than laughing.

I have been preparing the upstairs bedroom for an actual bed. Guest, here they come!!  The headboard and footboard needed to be spruced up a little. It has been moved a lot since we sold our home. To the carport it goes. Spray paint in hand. The finished product is now on the back deck ready to be hailed upstairs.

As you see it was almost dark when I finished. Straight to the shower I go.


Maybe painting in flip floors is not the best choice. I now have permanent flip flop marks on my feet until the paint wears off


I have quite the hoard. The hoard is located in many rooms of the old house. Until rooms are completed, I can’t sort through the hoard to use items so the hoard remains intact. Sometimes when I walk by the parlor to go into our room, I feel like I should be on the TV show Hoarders. However instantly I know there are no dead rodents or feces hiding in my hoard. My hoard is glorious and I will not retreat.




I have for weeks searched for white cotton 24″ cafe curtains for our Master Bathroom.This currently is the window minus curtains. Now it’s kind of imperative to have window coverings on the bathroom. However I will not SETTLE! We currently use our bathroom in the dark. We gather our belongings for a shower, turn the light off, step into the lighted shower where no one from the outside world can see, finish up and come out clean and dressed. So maybe not the best of situations but we make it work and it’s better than waving at the neighbors as you step out of the shower.


Another fun thing in our bathroom has been lack of storage.  We really need a place to put our towels. I have a really cute idea running around in my head but until then, the towels live in the claw foot tub.


The floors upstairs all need another coat of paint. I finished the front bedroom or at least I thought they were finished until Kyles dog decided to visit upstairs without anyone knowing. I’ve had a few people tell me to keep the dog prints. Yeah……

Gotta go.  It’s Friday and the coffee awaits. Lots of Reno work to be accomplished today. Since I can’t find curtains the next best thing to do is make them. However my sewing machine is lost in the hoard somewhere.

Make it a great day!


the girl who will soon not have to hide in the shower


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not a coincidence

There is usually a reason why things happen. It usually happens  because a person wants it too or there is a circumstance that makes it happen.

One day about a year ago Jennifer came by the old house. It was very early on in the renovation. People were always stopping by. We were new to the neighborhood, making a a lot of racket  and causing quite a stir in the neighborhood. So I assumed it was just a neighbor stopping by to introduce themselves and hopefully bring me food.

Jenn was neither of those. Instead she introduces herself as a past tenant who lived in the old house. Her and her son lived in Apartment 1 prior to smoker lady moving in with her band of lovelies. Absolutely no sarcasm.

Jenn knew exactly the issues with the prior tenants we had. She understood the disgusting nature of the beast we called our home. We became instant friends. I shared my blog with her and hoped that she would follow along and come by anytime.

We became facebook friends and continued to chat often. She called herself one of my blog stalkers and would admit to driving by to stare at the old house. Made me laugh. Knock on the door silly!!!

It has been a few months since we had spoken so it was time for a revisit. It would be the first time she had come over since we have lived here. Yes we live here but I always disclaimer that it’s still a long long LONG way from done.

We plan a visit.

The visit was today.

She comes to the door and I give her a hug. She has a gift.

Not just any gift but a homemade gift. My favorite kind. But there’s more. This gift was thought about in detail.

Jenn knew that I had saved some of the lathe from the walls. Don’t ask me why! I just wanted it. Jenn waited until we weren’t home driving by often looking for cars.  One day we were gone and she spoke to the 2 men building our decks in the back. “I need some of those little strips of wood that were behind the plaster walls. I don’t know what they are called but Charma told me she kept them!” Yes Charma did and there were bundles of them in the carport.

This is what she made from strips of wood that were built in the walls of our old house.


I unwrap it.

I don’t want to cry however I am blown away by the kindness of this person  who barely knows me.

Old wood – yes

Scripture – yes please

She tells me about gathering the wood. She tells me how she is a baby Christian. She writes in my card about how God has a plan and that my words and my outward expression of faith helps her be stronger in her walk with Jesus every day.

Jenn, no better gift can I receive than for someone to tell me I overflow with Jesus’ love.

I’m grateful for my new friend.

I really don’t think her stopping by that day was  coincidence.

Not at all.



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The walk

imageI woke way too early with thoughts of the day running through my head.

I grab my phone off the nightstand. I’m waiting on an important email and maybe if it comes, I can return to the ever important sleep.

No email.

Let’s flip through Facebook instead because that will lull you back into slumber: Yeah  right!

This picure is at the top of my feed. The tears immediately fall. This is a picure of my Father-in-Law Bill.

He is the epitomy of a dog owner.

He cares for, He loves, He provides. For as long as I can remember he has walked his dog two times a day. He takes different routes because he doesn’t want the dog to get bored. Each dog he has had is loved  just the same. Fully and with his whole heart. Bill has fallen and gotten hurt many times while walking his dog. Neighbors and people who  travel the road he walks on see him everyday. They will mention to the family living in Bradenton “I see your dad every day!”

My FIL has lived alone since my MIL passed away many years ago.  Never has there been talk of another spouse but always a dog . A companion. This picture is so perfect. I can’t even explain it. What does he think about while walking his dog? Does he think of the past? The future? What are his hopes and wishes?

He is quiet and stately. I can’t say that our relationship has ever blossomed. I actually think he might think I’m a little crazy. however I believe he loves me and I love him.

When we are together as a family, he sits quietly. I think he listens because he sure doesn’t say much .  He is the patriarch.  He comes late and he leaves early. He must tend to his dog.

While I look at this picture, I realize that time goes ways too fast. The man in this picure with his dog  makes me smile.

As you start  your day, remember the small things matter. Tell people you love them,  don’t sweat the small stuff,  walk slowly through the crowd because people matter, call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, maybe an old friend or maybe your dad just because.


the girl who also loves her dog.






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Riding the ride

Hey middle of the nighters.

whats on your mind?

Who else rides the emotional rollercoaster? You know the ride where all goes well for a couple of months, you are calm and confident, feeling stable and in control and then WHAM!!!! Your brain turns into a spiraling out of control hurricane of unsettledness. The worst part is knowing that it’s going to happen. Feeling the waves beginning to swell.

I’m just being real.

The rollercoaater ride is real.

Who sits on the same ride? What is it? Is it women stuff? You know how I feel about this aging process. Is it the calendar being incredibly overloaded? Is it lack of fun? You know that old saying “all work and no play makes Jack  or Jill or whomever mean and hateful?” Yes I know that’s not correct but work with me here. I’m not sure what it is however I’ve  pondered on the word “Settled” recently.

This would be my “want to be” word.

I think when you finally get to live in the place you have dreamed of for the last year, you have expectations that float around in her head is what that will look like. The grandeur of a new house. Stepping through the door each day and gazing upon all that has been accomplished. Allowing yourself to relax a little. To enjoy the ability to be on your home and take a breath. Even if it’s a small one.

Screech to a halt.

I guess that would be someone else’s life.

This girl can’t seem to enjoy this ride. Everytime I’m home all I see is unfinished. So much mess. I’m a little tired of feeling this way. Stop with the glass has empty already. Look at what has been completed, not what still remains

So here is the plan.

One room at a time. Start to finish. Maybe not all the decorating but at least the shell. Finish paining, finish the floor, finish the woodwork, set up the furniture and then move on. This way at least somethings feels complete.

Our poor newlyweds came home from their honeymoon to a not yet finished bedroom and bathroom, so their rooms are first.

We have many bathrooms but none of them, besides our master bathroom are big. They lack storage   so when you lack, you create.


Seeing a problem, designing a solution and seeing it complete makes my heart happy. Steve built these beauties  over the toilet to hold towels and cute baskets. One day I will also pick out toilet paper holders. Oh the decisions.

Hopefully the bathroom will be functionally completed this week. By functionally I mean I still need rugs and towels and all the things that make a bathroom cute. I am then moving on to the front bedroom upstairs. It needs the floor finished, the walls painted again and the trim painted. We can then put up a bed and invite guests! Oh a door would be good…….they have ordered as well. Yippee!!!

As I sign off for the night at 2:33am leave with this scripture.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. John 14v1

I believe it.


the girl who will either be sleeping or ordering toilet paper holders for her many bathrooms






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What’s been happening

I’m a blog slacker.

I have started and stopped. Started and stopped. Started and stopped again.

What do the 2.5 people that read my blog want to know? Pre-wedding? Wedding? Post wedding? Moving? Whose moving? Courtney and Justin? Mom and Dad? Our friends who moved into mom and dad’s house? Work? Church? So many options.

Here ‘s a snapshot.

2 days prior to the wedding we were finishing up the front porch. I can’t seem to find one picture showing it’s beauty however if we back up just a little bit you will get to see the porch.

The bride comes down the road in a 1951 Crestliner. Her Papa is the chauffeur.

wedding 3

She arrives! I think she might be a little anxious. Look at her hands.

wedding 5

Her Dad was so proud. She is “Daddy’s girl.”

wedding 6

The ceremony

The Family sat on the porch on pews…how cute is that?

And the porch. Yes the porch.

The bride was beautiful, but we look pretty dang cute too.

wedding 2

Post wedding festivities has included:

Long overdue shoulder surgery for the Mr. He told me no pictures….I don’t listen.


The house is still a work in progress. I am looking forward to decorating instead of painting.  This is the parlor/storage room located in the very front of the house.


The laundry room is useable and  the rolling rack you see has only fallen over a few times.


This pile of lovely has been waiting patiently for a pantry.


Look! It’s a pantry being put in by a guy whose supposed to be wearing a sling.


And then there is all this. The receipts for a year long home renovation is staggering. So many warranties and manuals, rebates and returns. I’m trying to be organized but COME ON!!!

My beautiful white chairs are hiding under the towels.


Mom and Dad moved in last weekend. It’s been quite an experience getting everyone under the roof. Many truck loads, lots of friends who we could not have done it without them, many trips through the drive thru and not much sleep. We are however all living under one big historic house roof, finally.

I promise to stop being a blog slacker. I will get my act together.








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Confession Saturday night

Today has been all day at home.

Steve had shoulder surgery yesterday so I really didn’t want to leave him and there’s definitely plenty to do around here.

Yesterday morning before we headed to the hospital Steve decided to install a closet organizer in his part of our closet. Doesn’t everybody install a closet before having surgery?

This afternoon while Steve was watching the Olympics and intermittently napping I decided to dive into the closet and see how much I can organize. Now remember earlier I said he installed his closet organizer?


This is half of his closet. Look how pretty!!! All organized and categorized. He needs clothes is all I see. Half of these are work clothes.

Since my closet is not done yet, mainly because I can’t seem to design what I want, he offered me to use some of his closet space so that I can at least find clothes for work. So I heard share right?


Now what is hanging here is not categorized or organized but at least they are out of boxes or off the floor. Feels pretty good. I even have my clothes for next week picked out. 

Here is the problem and the confession. No judging.

This is what’s left to hang or find a place for .


There might be 3 large boxes of shoes. 



There mighy be numerous and more than numerous dresses 


There could be a wooden ladder and a wedding dress hanging in my closet 


My jewelry might be in a basket. The necklaces could be in a giant ball of mess 

So my confession remains that I have an insane amount of clothes and shoes.  However I have found some really cute things that I forgot I had.

I’ve been thinking about a clothing swap party. Everyone cleans out their closet and brings them over. We all swap for others peoples stuff. We get rid of things we don’t want and go home with treasures. No money spent and a fun afternoon with friends. What do you think blog readers?


the girl taking care of the guy


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