Confirmation is Nice

A few months ago, a friend sent me a message and said “your house needs to be featured in a magazine. I have contacted the Ocala Magazine and they would like to speak to you.”


I love how the OM represents our community. They spotlight local businesses and people who are doing really good things.

I am extremely proud of our accomplishment. This old house has definitely been a project. That’s an understatement but it’s also part of our story. A story that has evolved into so much more than I would have ever expected. However a story about it? I’m not so sure.

I contacted the editor and gave her a little back story on our home. It looked something like this:

Good afternoon Lisa,
A friend requested I contact you about the possibility of our home/family being featured in the At Home With section of the Ocala Magazine.
We live in the historic district of Ocala and purchased our home in September of 2015.
Why would you want to feature us?
Our home was a drug infested boarding home upon our purchase. It was often visited by the OPD and the neighbors were more than elated that we would be restoring and living in the 1903 home.
We are a multi generational household. My husband and I own the home. My Mom lives in the attached mother in law apartment and our daughter, her husband and our 1 year old grandson live here as well.
This house is more than a restoration project although it definitely was that. We completely gutted the interior and did our best to update but honor the integrity of a 1903 historic home. I have attached a picture of our family as well as a before and after of the exterior of our home.
This old house is so much more to us than a house. It’s a home. My Dad recently passed away, in this home. Our daughter was married, in this home. Our grandson was born, in this home. We have lived a lot of life in the past 2 years of living here. We feel as if this home was a gift. It was a gift to be able to restore it to it’s beauty. It was a gift to my parents to live some of their best days here. It’s a gift as we watch a little boy grow here. We laugh, we cry and we love this old house.
We love living in the historic district of our town. We frequent the downtown area, the farmers market and the restaurants on the square. It is a pleasure to live in Ocala.
I hope that you have a fantastic day and enjoy your weekend to the fullest.
Charma Kern

After a few back and forth emails and photos that I took with my phone (I’m classy like that), an appointment was made for the Editor and her photographer to come over.

The house isn’t done! There are holes in the ceiling and doors with no trim. There are things to be hung on the walls and I honestly didn’t think it was ready. However I would probably never think it was ready.

So we did it anyways.

The magazine is being delivered today. The online version is available and since last night was just “one of those nights” when sleep was difficult, I found the online version and read it.

I’m so proud of my little family. I’m proud of Steve and I. I’m grateful for a community that appreciates the saving and restoration of the old homes and not just the building of new ones. I’m thankful for friends who think we are magazine worthy.

Beings featured in a magazine is flattering. Being called out on our accomplishments is not necessary but confirmation that we did the right thing almost three years ago when we bought this dump is priceless.

I have included the link to the magazine if you would like to see.,%22page%22:1%7D

Have a fantastic day

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From doors to wall art

When you have 11′ ceilings, wall decor is sometimes a challenge.

It either looks too small or there is a need for many items.

I am a fan of Erin from @cottonstem and one day I noticed she had doors hanging on her walls. I’m pretty sure she didn’t find her doors in an old disgusting house and save them for two years trying to decide what to do with them.

I loved these so much!

This girl has old nasty bi-fold doors that she found in an old nasty house and kept them for two years trying to decide what to do with them.

My doors don’t have the cute little detail on the top section. But when has that stopped me from making something work.

May I introduce to you, the doors.



Still holding onto the original door and sliding hardware.

Whatever people……dirty don’t scare me.

I cleaned these babies up

Removed the hardware with vice grips. Those suckers are hard to pull out

Sand all the bumps and bruises away.

Added some cute little wood sections.

Paint – maybe paint a few times before coming up with the best color.

Bat my eyes at a cute husband guy and ask him to hang for me.

Search for the perfect tin buckets to attach to the front and add just a hint of greenery.

Come on!!

As soon as I finish the cutest table ever to sit in front the doors……it will be perfect.

But for now I’ll just enjoy the vintage box full of toys.

Happy Friday friends

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Time Spent Means What? Really?

I’ve always been a little of an overachiever.

I like for things to be a certain way.

When we have people over, why does it always have to be a big deal?


Why can’t it just be “come on over?” Why does there have to be a full fledged dinner with dessert? Why can’t it be popsicles on the porch like a normal night at home would be?

I am trying to get better at simplicity. I won’t say I am good at it yet but soon there will be hot dogs and s’mores on any given Friday night around the firepit. You can’t get much simpler than that.

I have been lucky enough to have a standing date with Jack William Wissinger each Friday morning for about 3 hours. I spoke of a baby and B.B. date way before he was even born. It would be just me and him. No mommy’s or daddy’s allowed. Unless we planned it that way prior to the week. There I go again……liking things a certain way.

Could he be any cuter?


I want Jack, when he is old enough to know what a date is and to look forward to our time together.


I’ve thought and planned our time together.

Good grief, he is 15 months old. He doesn’t care what we do as long as he is fed and has his diaper changed.

What do we do today? We have three hours? Do we spend time driving around and trying to find something to do?

Nah. He doesn’t care about places.

Sometimes we walk to the park and we swing


Other times we walk to the splash pad, where we are all alone and play near the water because he is not in love with the spouting water.


We sit in the shade and drink from B.B.’s water cup.

It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it together.

What really matters is that we spend time with those we love.

I recently had a conversation with someone that felt excluded from a conversation. She felt left out. I was included in that group and I am heartbroken. Never would I intentionally exclude another person. Never. Her feelings however are real. They hurt and I can only fix me. I will remember that every person counts. Every person has a right to be heard and included.

Spending time doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s just need to be real.

I gotta go. Pops is home this week. I love vacation week.

Have a great day!

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Found in the trash

Months ago, the neighbors were obviously purging.

Justin came home and said, “there’s a table across the street I think you might want.”

He speaks my love language.

I looked out the window.

Yep, that table belongs to me.

I immediately went to the garage and got the hand truck.

Work smarter – Not harder.

The glass inserts were broken or missing .

Don’t care. Didn’t want them anyways.

Most days, I look at the hoard.

It’s just a pile of goodness. However, I might be the only one in my current household that thinks so .

I saw this picture one day while scrolling.

Cute! I want one.

I close my eyes and picture the hoard.

Hey! I have a table that I can do that to and will have the same effect.

Pull it out of the hoard trying not to injure myself or anything other precious item in the process .

Repair and sand

Prime and paint

Of course it’s white.

Find some scrap wood

Add some padding

Staple on cute fabric

Mom helps with some adorable tufting

I think it’s one of my very very favorite up cycles.

Happy hump day friends

Make it a great day


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The gift of Thank You

Do you ever just tell someone thank you?

Yes, thank you to the server as they serve you dinner at a restaurant.

Thank you to the host at a party as you leave their house full of dirty dishes.

Thank you for the gift.

Lots of opportunities for the appropriate thank you.

Last week as we are getting ready for bed……

I’m already lying down as Steve prepares for his next day work day.

He says “thank you for always doing my laundry.”


Thank you?

It struck me as weird.

The next day, as I entered the laundry room, I smiled.

Being lucky enough to be a “stay at homer,” laundry and wiping kitchen counters is just part of the gig. Taking care of loved ones is in the job description. I don’t take it for granted and I’m a nurturer at heart. It makes me happy to care for people.

However, sometimes the duties get monotonous. The same thing over and over again.

That spontaneous thank you was like a gift. He might not even remember saying it as he reached for clean underwear from the drawer.

It meant something.

It was like gas for the tank.

Do you thank your people for the mundane?

Do you thank the person who checks you out at the grocery store?

Sometimes thank you is a really small gift you can give to someone.

Thanks family for being my people

Thank you tribe for supporting and loving me even when I’m stupid.

Thanks friends for being the best friends a girl can have

Lots of thanks.

Try it today.

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When Away from Home

Are you a homebody?

Or are you someone that goes and loves to go? Experience new places and new things?

At book club Thursday night we spoke of experiencing the pre-dawn hours. The beauty of Gods creation before the sun arises. The majority of us said nope. My eyes don’t open that early.

But yesterday morning I rose way before the sunrise and began my journey south.

It was a cloudy and drizzly morning.

What do you do in the car while driving?

Listen to the radio?

Drive in peace and quiet?

Talk to someone on the phone? Well maybe not at 4am.

I love to listen to podcasts.

Self improvement podcasts

Home improvement podcasts

And my guilty pleasure? I like listen to recaps of the Bachelorette. So, not my proudest moment but we all have that little thing that might be silly and completely unrealistic but oh well. Sorry, not sorry.

I had already picked what I wanted to listen to before getting in the car.

I had chosen a couple, but started with Jen Hatmakers “For the love of Summer.”

Here’s an overview of the episode.

Nearly forty years ago, they met at camp. Then they got married. Now they’re running the same camp! This week, we’re closing out For the Love of Summer with our crowdsourced episode, featuring Stacy and Darell Smith. For more than thirty years, Stacy and Darell have been directors at The Firs, a Christian camp organization in gorgeous Bellingham, Washington. And they have seen it all: kid tomfoolery, pet shenanigans, pranks galore. They’ve even rigged dates between their camp counselors (some of which resulted in wedding bells!). Stay and Darell are experts in summer magic and creating memories for kids (and leadership skills in young adults) that’ll last a lifetime.

What an inspiration. I loved it.

Halfway through my 2 1/2 hour drive, the sun began to peek up. My thoughts immediately went to our book club conversation,

I turned off the podcast and turned on the radio.

This song.

Goodness gracious people.

And this one! I’ve had it on repeat


What a worship experience. I might have to rethink my morning routine.

I’m away from home caring for a friend. It’s so weird being away from your typical and regular stuff.

What does a person do when you are in a strange house and the only other person sleeps all the time? I want her to sleep. She had surgery for goodness sake.

But whoa, I’m not good at sitting. Do you have something I could work on? I helped a friend do some research on houses in the new town they are moving to. Why can’t I just sit?

This morning, I made some coffee and went to the back yard. It’s like a retreat.

I’m doing my best to sit and relish in the peace. It’s quiet. Maybe a little too quiet but wonderful. There is a beautiful breeze and I’m enjoying practicing worship music for church tomorrow.

Hoping the neighbors aren’t listening.

Have a great Saturday friends.

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People are Worth It

I rolled over this morning and checked the time.

I have a friend who’s gets up every day at 4:30 to go to the gym.


Not so much.

However the coffee will be brewing early today!

Thrifting is my absolute favorite thing to do. Thursday are full of it……well sort of.

Mom, our friend Kenna and I volunteer at a Interfaith Emergency Services Thrift Store every Thursday. You can read about them here:

It’s not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. It’s hot in that warehouse but as we walk through the store and are welcomed by the many volunteers that keep the store open, it easy to feel the love and the passion that keep the doors open providing services to those in need. And for those of us that are not in need and just like to find treasures? It’s fun! Every single Thursday!

It’s however not about thrifting, it’s about the people. People are worth it.

This morning will also include getting ready for Thursday night book club. Did I need to add another thing to my already full calendar?


However there were books that I wanted to read. There were women that I wanted to see and what better way to get both accomplished? Book club.

I’m a horrible reader. I’m a professional blog reader. I can scroll through Pinterest like it’s my job. But sit quietly and get interested in pages of paper? I’m not great at it.

Around the first of the year, I wanted to read Jen Hatmakers book “Interrupted” and I know me. I’ll start. I’ll get distracted. I’ll never finish. I really wanted to read this book so I invited others to read with me. Book club was started. It’s so much more than books. It’s relationships. It’s learning and hearing other people. It’s caring about their story and the person who is reading the book. Book club has grown. A lot. When I’m excited about something I want others to get excited too so I invited. Others invited. We have finished one book and are halfway into “Girl wash your face” by Rachel Hollis

I was speaking to our youngest book club member last night about the book. So many chapters might not pertain to an 18 year old right now but she said “I’m storing all this up for when I need it.” She’s so smart. I love her

It’s more than the book. It’s about the people and people are worth it.

Another reason I need to rise early is because I need to go to bed early tonight. Nothing like thinking ahead! I need to be on the road in the morning by 4:30am. Seems to be a theme.

My friend is having surgery tomorrow..

She picks me to be with her. She picks me to sit beside her as she talks to the Dr. she picks me to care for her as struggles to get out of bed. She picks me instead of her family who live in the same town.

I’m honored. I’m grateful that I don’t have to have a regular job that won’t allow me to be away from home for a few days. I’m grateful for a family that holds down the fort while I’m away. I’m grateful for FaceTime because I need to see Steve and Jack before bedtime.

If you are the praying kind, maybe remember me in the morning as I drive. Remember my friend at 8:00 as she goes into surgery.

Remember it’s about the people.

People are worth it.

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