January 17th has passed



Around the new year, I heard a message about how on January 17th, most New Year’s resolutions have already fallen to the wayside, forgotten or discarded. The day of that message, I added to my reminders, because I have to put EVERYTHING in my reminders, to evaluate January 17th. I don’t do resolutions but I do have some words that I resonate on for the year and I have goals.


I have allowed you into my world of reminders.

I have projects that I want to make

I have items that I need to buy

I have additions to my budget I need to include

I have reminders of things I need to accomplish

I even remind myself to look at my calendar every day.  You know why? Because life happens. Things come up that are unexpected. People need me. I need people.

My words for 2017…….Present and Complete

I am “Fair” on both. My phone still seems to be a huge stumbling block for me. However I will not let it win. I won’t give up and I will get better.

Complete is not perfect either, however I have finished a few projects and am diligent as I whittle away on one room in the old house before I start on the nursery. Now that’s hard!!!! I want to start the nursery yesterday, but NO, I will not.

I won’t lie. Yesterday was a hard day. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. There will be days like that, probably more often than not. However today is a new day.

How are you on January 18th. One day passed the dreaded January 17th? Are you still working on that New Year’s Resolution? Have you struggled with your words or have they given you strength to keep going.

I hope that January 18th is everything you hope for.

Make it a great day.

Love God, Love Others and Invest your life somewhere!




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Complete. almost.

A few weeks ago, Dad and I started on this little beauty. I posted about it here. The search is over . Wow, just look at those gold legs. Not the prettiest, but she was the perfect size.


I did not love the open area above the doors. The whole idea behind this cabinet is to hide all of this…..


It’s like a giant web trapped behind the TV. Gotta go.

So without further delay……

Ignore the wires for now. I have been informed that holes will need to be made and wires fished through said holes. Yadda Yadda Yadda.


Now Dad and I have never claimed to be carpenters but we decided to add doors to the open area. I didn’t want solid doors because if the cable box is housed there, the remote needs to be able to connect. The almost done is because I have yet to find a little hook/latch that will keep the cute little wire doors closed.


3 coats of white “homemade” chalk paint created the beautiful finish. I even painted the wire on the door fronts. Then everything was sanded and waxed because everything is better chippy white. Little vintage here, little vintage there.

We also built little wire windows for the sides.


The insides needed a little pizazz so they were painted.


This little cutie has a surprise. The sides come down so that she can be thinner if she wants.  Maybe she wants to be a buffet. She can if she wants, look at those caster feet. I.LOVE.CASTERS!!!!!


One more shot of the top just for kicks.

I stripped the old stain and restained. It took 3 different looks before I was happy but now? Happy.


It didn’t take long for the dog bed to make it into the picture.

Thanks for visiting! I love showing off my new/old stuff.


the girl who is going to bed. It was a long night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz time.

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Hey middle of the nighters. Why in the world are you awake? Yeah I don’t know either.

Friday was a great day.

The weather was beautiful.

I painted a few things.

Went to dinner with some of my favorite people.

Spent the evening with my guy. 

But alas awake at 3:30AM. Really it was 2:30 but Pinterest and I have been hanging out for the last hour. 

Let’s talk screen doorss

Months ago I bought this screen door.

Nothing fancy. Exactly what I wanted for my pantry door. 

It leaned against the wall for a month or so. It went to the carport and had the screen taped up while I decided what color it should be. It was drug back inside because a warped screen door from staying outside in the elements is not a good idea and it still remains leaned up against the wall.

Completion is one of my 2017 words. Get it done Charma! Pick a color and Get. It. Done. 

Here’s my thoughts.

White? Don’t think so. I wanted the door to have pizzazz. 

Black? Not everything in the old house can be white or black. Or can it?????

What about this?

Or maybe this? 

Or there’s this 

I know not everyone ponders over the color of a screen door but tonight that’s what rolling around in this girls brain.

Along with:

How to make a pillow cover

When am I ever going to get the front porch painted again so I can actually put furniture out there?

What will Jack call me? 

Why do I hate the grocery store so much? 

How long will it take to iron the duvet cover I washed? 

The nursery design is going to take how long? She’s only pregnant 3 more months. 

I’m not sure sleep will visit again tonight. 

Happy Saturday friends! 

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The search is over 

For months I have searched for an entertainment cabinet for the family room.  It’s an odd size just like everything else in the old house but I wouldn’t give up because this

And this 

Just didn’t cut it. 

I went about shoppping a whole different way. I would buy new. What? Who are you and what did you do with the girl who loves old and abandoned? 

Why was I surprised that I couldn’t find anything? 

So when my stupidity subsided and I got ahold of myself, I started asking around. I have a great friend, a sister of vintage love that runs the cutest little shop with her mom called The ComeBack Shack. 

Me: “I’m looking for something like this…….”

Her: ” I think I might have something. Come look.”

Me: “I’ll be there.”

Score for me!

Not only was it old and ugly. It was the perfect size and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the piece for me. Stop fighting the process Charma. Such drama for nothing. 

Here’s the new/ugly entertainment cabinet


The next day, we started the makeover

The top came off

We started building new and improved items for the cabinet 

The top was stripped of is old stain

Today we start putting her back together and her final makeup is applied.  I can’t wait to show you the finished loveliness.

It’s Thursday friends! I’m putting on my paint clothes and heading outside.

Make it a great day and small group friends, I will see you tonight. 


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The view will improve

One year ago today. We’ve come along way baby.


We spoke last week about the restoration of the original windows. The restoration is in process as we speak. They are being removed, stripped, scraped, sanded, primed, wood filled and sanded again. We have 6 windows currently at the glass shop getting new window panes. They will then be reglazed, painted and installed. Sounds easy? Not even close.

The other windows, mainly in the little house, our master bathroom, the laundry room and naked girls room needed to be replaced. They were mismatched and just plain ugly. Here are a few samples.


Today was a good day. It was the day that our new windows were delivered. They are shiny and beautiful. They will match our old windows. They will keep my parents cool on sweltering Florida summer days and they will keep them warm during the not-so-cold winter nights. They will make our home beautiful and I am grateful.

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What is your hashtag?

1440 student ministry started up again last night at Church of Hope. My tribe consists of 9th through 12th grade girls. Last night there were at least 16 girls plus me and this cool girl. She’s awesome.


Chris spoke on the topic of hashtags and the labels we put on ourselves.

This is the definition wikipedia gives a hashtag : A hashtag # is a type of label or tag used on social media networks. The hashtag makes it easier for users to find messages with a spcivific theme or content.  Users create and use hashtags by placing the hash character # (also known as the number sign or pound sign) in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. Searching for that hashtag will yield each message that has been tagged with it. A hashtag archive is consequently collected into a single stream under the same hashtag.

Chris spoke of the hashtags he gave himself while growing up. ie: #trouble #unclean. He had us write down (because it doesn’t happen if we don’t write it down.)

                          NO  LONGER


# ________________________________________________________________


                                I AM A

# ________________________________________________________________

Our videographer took our pictures with our signs and we headed off to small group

We talked about the hashtags we give ourselves.

#ugly      #unworthy        #notsmartenough     #insecure   #unloved

It broke my heart to hear their words.

I asked them “Why do think you feel this way about yourselves?”

They said “Because other people label us that way.”

What other people? Who would tell you those things?

“Friends”  Well I don’t think they are really your friends

“Boys – boys that don’t like us anymore.” I wanted to find these boys and throat punch them. 

“Parents” Your parents really? Ok, so I have been a parent of a teenager girl. Hard? yes of course it’s hard but are you really being told you are ugly? and stupid? and unworthy?

So the next question I asked was “What hashtag has your Maker given you?” Because that’s the one that matters.





That’s better. They are incredible. They are loving and kind. They are compassionate and caring. They are warriors and daughters of the King. Sometimes we just have to tell them over and over again.

Elaine and I have chosen the word “Worthy” as our 1440 high school girls word of the year. We want the girls to know that no matter the life situation, they are Worthy. They are worthy of so many things but no matter what, their Maker loves them.

We love them too.

Do you have a high school girl in Ocala? Send them over to 1440 on Sunday nights at 5:30. You won’t regret it. I don’t think they will either.


the girl who is tired of Florida cold.



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To Do or To Don’t

Who has a daily “TO DO” List?

I worked for a very strong business woman for 8 years who insisted and practiced a daily “TO DO” list. She is very successful and I learned many things from her.

I have not practiced having a list recently and I feel a little scattered. I love check lists. I love to feel accomplished. Sometimes seeing a list on paper with items crossed off makes me smile.

Today is Thursday. I am blessed to have a part time job that takes me away from home Monday – Wednesday. Thursdays are my days, usually. My favorite things include home, working at home, hanging out in the carport working on something, having on paint splattered clothes. Well you get the idea.

I have a list today. It might be a little ridiculous, but I have a list.

  1. Stay in PJ’s until 9:00am 
  2. Watch the Summer episode of Gilmore girls on Netflix
  3. Write a blog post
  4. Figure out a snack to take to small group tonight
  5. Finish my project involving cow print material.
  6. Paint the bed in Naked Girls Room.
  7. Sew curtains
  8. Small Group
  9. See my husband for the first time since Monday.
  10. Sleep like a baby

What I didn’t include on my list was

  1. Love on my family.
  2. Be an encouragement. Even if it’s to one person today.
  3. Be a glass half full kind of girl
  4. Don’t be snippy or over sassy. (This is a hard one)
  5. Have people wonder what I have that they want. Jesus friends, just Jesus.

I will start #2 with you.

If you read about my life on this blog, thank you. I started this blog so that my family and friends, near and far could follow along with the old house renovation.

It has become so much more.  Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s thought provoking, but I hope it always to be encouraging. I want others to know that you do not have to have a lot of money to create beauty in your homes. Believe me, the cash doesn’t grow from trees around here. You only need an imagination and the “want to.”

I want the blog to show love and compassion, empathy and understanding. We are in this life together. Sometimes, a lot of times it SUCKS!!!!! But most of the time it’s wonderful. Full of amazing family and people. People that I may not ever get to meet. I have had blog readers from other countries and that still amazes me.

So on this Thursday, don’t forget to smile. Today might be the day that is not great. However, tomorrow will come. I pray for my readers. I don’t know who you are, but Jesus does. He loves us, one and all.


the girl sitting on the couch in her Elmo robe.




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