Lost in Wanaka

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl vacationing or “on holiday” as they say in New Zealand. They had a great couple of days in Queenstown and left early on Wednesday morning to drive to Franz Josef. Google maps says it’s about a 4 hour drive. Whoever wrote Google maps did not pay attention to the forest and winding roads and mountains and oceans that are necessary to cross. Also, the Google maps person did not include a very important turn to be made in Wanaka on Route 6 to get you onto the road to Franz Josef.

The boy and girl did however pack leftover pizza from the night before to snack on while driving. They also found a very beautiful lake to sit beside while they ate their pizza, not knowing that this beautiful lake was an hour out of their way to Franz Josef.

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The drive to Franz Josef was absolutely breathtaking. There were forests, oceans, lakes, winding and I MEAN WINDING roads. Oh my stomach.

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There are lots of bicyclists here is New Zealand. Many are traveling on their bicycles. I took the picture of the bicyclist mainly because this road was going up hill for a very long time. We both thought of Mark Cummins and his love for bike riding.

Most bridges (90%) are one way bridges. They have signs prior to entering that say Give Way.


Seven and a half hours later we made it to Franz Josef. This girl is sick with a head cold but I’m not letting it slow me down.

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