It has been 3 months today that we started our home renovation. I thought it might be fun to review how much has changed in 3 months.

So far we have demo’d………..

7 Bedrooms

6 Bathrooms

5 Kitchens

1 Dining Room

5 Living Rooms

8 Closets

and 5 Ceilings

Each room had plaster and lathe walls/ceilings.

The day crew completed the majority of the removal of the plaster walls. They have almost finished the clean up which included the removal of 5,000,000,000,000,000 nails, dug plaster out of every crevice and hourly stopped up the shop vac with remnants of debris. If you are wondering who the day crew is, here they are. Hardest working _______ year olds I know. I dare you to find any better. I work on the day crew sometimes too



The night crew hauled most of the heavy stuff out that was demo’d during the day. This crew created the plan, shopped for supplies, attended zoning meetings, financial meetings, permit meetings, prayer meetings (not really) and has now started putting this baby back together. This crew works day jobs and then heads over around 5:00pm every night until 8:00. This guy works super hard all day and then puts in a full time job at night. He’s my hero. We make a great team and I wouldn’t want to tackle this project of love with anyone else.

Steve and Charma

We have people ask us “Are you tired of the reno yet?” The answer is no way. Physically exhausted most of the time but love the process of watching this ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan and next year around this time…….I’m winning the historic district Christmas decorating contest. Count on it.


the girl excited for the next 3 months. Just wait and see!!!!!

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Christ Follower πŸ’œ Wife πŸ’œ Mom πŸ’œ Grandmom (BB is my name). πŸ’œRescued and Restored a 114 year old farmhouse. Isaiah 54:7
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