Its a sticky job

The downstair floors are oak. They were added in the 1960’s. They need a few repairs and they will be sanded and stained but overall they are good. The upstairs floors however are the original heart pine floors. I love them but they sure are gross and a mess. They have been painted, abused and currently have stick down linoleum. Not pretty . The bottom of the picture shows the wood floors painted red. The rest is what needs to be removed.


That’s where I come in, meet the heat gun and scraper




You (me) hold the heat gun 6″ away from the area and immediately take the scraper and loosen the piece of linoleum. The glue then immediately covers your hands. Then your hands stick to your clothes. Your shoes then get glue on the bottoms so your feet stick to everything you walk on.  You get the idea.

And there you have it…….no more linoleum but lots of goo.


Enter a caption





the girl who had to wash her hands with nail polish remover


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Christ Follower 💜 Wife 💜 Mom 💜 Grandmom (BB is my name). 💜Rescued and Restored a 114 year old farmhouse. Isaiah 54:7
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