From boring to WOW

Boring bookcases is what I had.

They were buried.

They were stuffed with cleaning supplies and golf shoes. 

I needed a plan.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I go to social media to see if my crazy ideas are crazy. 

I asked my Facebook friends their opinion on this –



Most liked. 

One really liked and asked me to proceed just for her.

So we drug them out of the rubble.

Clean them up 

Do some repairs 

Gave them a pretty paint job 

Build a barn door 

Yeah never did that before but look!! 

I painted the barn door and then hauled this bad boy to her new home.

After a little tweak here and touch up there.

Look what we did!

It might take Dad and I more time than it should

Dad and I might do things wrong the first time 

Dad and I might not be experts 

But Dad and I have fun.

Have fun today friends,


About abandonedocala

Christ Follower πŸ’œ Wife πŸ’œ Mom πŸ’œ Grandmom (BB is my name). πŸ’œRescued and Restored a 114 year old farmhouse. Isaiah 54:7
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