Let the day begin, but first Coffee

Finally I am getting things on the walls here at the old house.

It seems that we are always working on big stuff.

Tearing down or building walls are on the TO DO list around here.

We are currently getting ready for the electrician to come and run wires for the carport.

Then garage doors! Whoa baby!!!!!

The little things sometimes are hard to get up in the important list of things to do.

The pretty things. Right?

When the kitchen cabinets were being designed, I knew I wanted a special place for my coffee station.

Not big.

Nothing fancy.

But it’s own place. With cute shelves.

A few weeks ago, it was time.

Time for the coffee station to become a real thing.

I head to the carport with a plan.

Find a piece of wood from the pile.

Ooohh this one is perfect!!

It’s thick and stainable.

I love it.

I cut it to the perfect length and thank goodness it’s long enough for two

It’s rough, so sanding is necessary.

Whoa. It’s really rough so super gritty sandpaper is necessary. If the wood is left rough, when it’s time to dust your beautiful shelves, the dirt will stick to the wood.

Not cool.

Find some stain.

Now remember, the carport is in renovation, so everything is EVERYWHERE.

I went with the same stain we used for our hardwood floors.

Easy choice.

Slap on some stain.

No need for perfection.

Why doesn’t it need to be perfect?

So glad you asked!

Because I want these shelves to look old.

Perfect would mean that there wouldn’t be any variations in the color.

Perfect isn’t my style. So after the stain there was more sanding.

The next part was probably the hardest.

Finding the right shelf brackets.

Good grief.

Do you know how many different styles there are?

As much as I love Amazon, it can be overwhelming. I searched and searched and searched some more until I couldn’t search anymore and I also couldn’t make a decision. So instead I went to Home Depot and made myself pick from what they had. It only took an hour and laying out every bracket they had on the floor to make sure I got the best ones.

Yes. I know I’m ridiculous.

The next part was easy.

Find a handsom man who is super talented to hang your shelves.

Sit in the floor with the cutest baby. EVER

And watch he handsom man turn your coffee station dreams into a reality.

Scroll through Pinterest and find some inspiration pictures

Shop your house because you have collected some treasures and style those perfect wood shelves.

Add your infamous pink yeti and there you go.

I’m going to go have some coffee.

Have a fabulous day!

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Just a little before and after

To commemorate our recent 1 year anniversary moving into the old house, I thought it might be fun to reminisce a little.

Now listen, there are ZERO, none, absolutely 0 rooms completely finished.

However there are a few that are close. I am going to dig up some of the archives and share. This should be fun.

I’m going to start with the front porch.

Day 1

There are times when I look back at pictures from the very beginning and I think….”what in the world were we thinking?”


However we did it and we have survived.

If you want to read about the day prior to purchasing the old house, you can check out the story here The Cinderella Project – Part 1 and here The Cinderella Project – Part II and finally here Cinderella Project – Part III.

The front porch was gross, just like the rest of the house.

3 front doors, padlocked shut. 

Nasty floors

Nasty walls

Nasty ceilings

Nasty, Nasty, Nasty


3 Doors went down to 2 for a while.


The original swing was a little scary.

If you sat on it just the right way, you might not fall through.


This was a fun day!

New front door package was installed.


The ceiling was repaired and painted a beautiful haint blue.

Ceiling fans were installed. They help with the blood sucking mosquitos we lovingly have in Florida.


The walls have been repaired and painted.

I love our front door and the surrounding windows. They add the vintage character that I strived for.

A cute porch light and mailbox finish the look.

I am still deciding on plants for the galvanized buckets on either side of the front door.


The windows were repaired and painted. New glass and soon to be screens will finish up the windows.

Floors were demolished and new floor boards were installed. We painted them and I love them



It looks a little different, don’t you think?


A new swing has been added.

It’s no longer scary to sit in. New pillows make it super comfy.

Chairs that we previously used at our old house have been repainted and new cushions added. Thanks Mom!


I often read and have my coffee here in the mornings.


The porch has been busy in the last year.

It was the venue for a wedding.


It hosted our annual pumpkin carving contest.


And currently it is the favorite rocking place for hanging out and loving on Baby Jack.

He loves the ceiling fans!


The front porch is one of our favorite hang outs on a daily basis. I still have a wish list for some additional improvements, but overall she’s a thing of beauty.

Stay tuned for more rooms. I’m just getting started.






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Are you listening? 

My sleep pattern has been really weird since coming home from vacation. 

I can’t seem to stay awake past 9:00 and I’m waking up really early.

Well good morning 3:12AM.

As I lay and try to go back to sleep and realize it just ain’t happening, the events of the day come flooding in.

I need to respond back to a friend about her house paint color.

I need to get paint for a new project I’m starting on.

I’m making new pillows for the front porch swing.

It’s worship rehearsal night….go to church early. 

JR needs a bath.

Yadda yadda.

My thoughts then go back to yesterday.

I had lunch with friends. 

We celebrated an upcoming trip.

We talked a lot about life.

Some good.

Some not so good.

As we’re we’re wrapping up lunch, the Beth Moore “hairbrush” story was mentioned.

Have you heard it? 

Google it. Its on you tube and its worth the listen. I would link it for you but I’m scared to death that if I click on the link to copy and paste it to this post, it will start the video and I will wake up the sweet sleeper next to me.

I listened to the you tube video on my home. 

Ya’ll I was ugly crying.

Are you listening to what God says?

Are you doing what He tells you to do?

Sometimes I can say yes definitely and sometimes maybe not so much.

I want to hear the still small voice gently guiding me.

Who am I kidding? He knows me better than that. 

I’m more of a grab me by the shoulder and shake me kind of girl. But whatever:) 

I say all this to say

I’m a work in progress and I continually try every day to do what I’m supposed to do. But I want to do better and with God as my leader, my engine, my driver, my guide, my protector, my ________________ (full in the blank)

I’m listening.

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Happy Anniversary Old House!

Dear Old House,

One year ago we moved in.

We made you our new address.

We had been tearing you apart and lovingly been putting you back together since September 22, 2015. 

This picture is of our many friends who came and checked you out the first day you belonged to us. 

Notice the face masks and gloves?

You had been neglected and unloved for so long.

You were super stinky and I was a little scared and embarrassed to let people see your current state.

Today marks a huge day!

You are so much more than walls and floors.

You are a safe haven for Mom and Dad. They never have to move again. You gave them purpose and sometimes jobs they didn’t want. You allow them to rest when they need to. You allow them a place to work on projects. You have a basement for goodness sake for an old guy to display his treasures, to watch old videos and reminisce about “the good old days.”

For this I am grateful. 

You have allowed a young couple to begin their life in your rooms upstairs. Your big old footprint creates an environment where they can feel safe and secure to raise their newborn son. Your space creates solitude and privacy where many families can live under one room while allowing no one to get on each other’s nerves. 

For this I am grateful.

What exactly have you done for us, the owners?

You have given us many long days and nights of back breaking work. You have costs us much money and created many nights of restless sleep as I dream about wall decor and paint colors. 

You have already in your short one year hosted a wedding of giant proportions, wedding and baby showers, birthday parties and many nights of dominoes.

Your front porch is one of my favorite places. Ever. 

You have checked off a huge line item from our bucket list and will one day be part of our retirement portfolio. 

You have allowed us to show off a little of our skill.

You have given us a place to call home that feels like we should have always been here.

We thank God for the abilities that we still have after almost two years of renovations. You, my friend, the big old house were a little of a pain at times. 

But most of all…….

We are grateful that you found us. 

Happy one year anniversary old house. 

Here’s to many more! 

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Sweet Sanibel

Last week we headed to the beach.

Everyone has their happy place and while we have a great time wherever we go, and we have been blessed to have been to some amazing destinations, the beach never disappoints.

We both grew up in beach towns, so when we moved inward and northward, the beach is not as easily accessible and when we can stop and pause at the ocean for a few days, it’s always a perfect choice.

Sanibel Island was our choice for this trip. We have been to the island before and it was beautiful and just what the Dr. ordered.

The little studio we reserved was the perfect size for two. It was no more than 100 steps from our front door to the ocean. Surrounded by lush foliage where you have to duck to get around and was the perfect setting. They provided lounge chairs, umbrellas and a fabulous breakfast with coffee each and every morning.



The morning we arrived, we set up shop in our perfect little room and headed to the water.

Our place was located near the end of the island and was surrounded by residential homes so the beach was very private.

Very few people.

A couple of vacationing fisherman

Just a lot of white sand and blue water

It was perfect.


I asked Steve what he wanted to do while we away.

He said “nothing.”

He meant “nothing.” Not sarcastically. Not jokingly. Just a lot of sitting around. A lot of listening to music and watching the waves come in. A lot of people watching, even though there weren’t many people to watch.

One afternoon, I decided to cool off. I waded up to around my waist and turned and faced towards to shore. There was a fisherman. He had 4-5 poles stationed along the sand and he sat patiently and watched. As I sat and enjoyed the coolness of the ocean, he strategically maneuvered and slowly pulled in a fish.

It was not large. However as I inched my way to the shoreline, I saw a few characteristics of the fish that did not make me comfortable.


A shark.

I don’t care how big it was.

I don’t care that it was a nurse shark and they are supposedly harmless.


There was some walking in the water as we strolled each morning and evening  but waste deep? No way.

The final day we were visiting Sanibel Island, it rained.

Some might be disappointed. However when nothing is on the agenda, it’s not really a big deal.

Let’s sightsee a little.

We stopped off and walked around the beautiful Sanibel lighthouse.


There was some people watching going on at the Sanibel City Pier.


We stopped for lunch at the Island Cow. We inhaled some fried grouper tacos and a crab cake sandwich. And of course we were inspired with some decorating ideas for the up and coming pool and outdoor kitchen area we are planning.


And of course for dinner…………….



Thank you to friends, you know who you are, for the Sweet Sanibel recommendations. We loved it!
Thank you to family who took  care of our sweet JR and for watching over the big house while we are away.

Thank you to this guy who is my favorite travel partner.

It doesn’t matter if we are at home or afar. Life is better when we are together.

November isn’t far and we get to jet off on another adventure!


Don’t look too close.

I see paint in my hair.

























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The last couple of months have been full. 
We have been back in full renovation mode working on the carport.

Steve works all day.  

My job is to take care of our home and the people who live there. 

Eat Dinner 

Work on the renovation until dark 

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

There are no regrets however we get tired. 

I can take breaks since my job does not require a boss and expectations. 

But Steve? Not so much. He’s a mover and a shaker. I’ve always known that the only way to get him to stop is to get him out of town. So at least 3 times a year, that’s what we do. 

We pause. 

Even if only for a few days. 

There is a work weekend every summer around this time that is a must attend

Beautiful hotel with a room overlooking the ocean. No complaints here.

But when the weekend is over it’s time to go. 

Go where? 

To seclusion.

Go to wherever we can pause.

Go to wherever there is calmness and serenity.

A place where at 8:30am a hard working man can still be sleeping soundly. 

A place where it doesn’t matter if it rains all day because we are on pause. 

A place where we can ride bikes and enjoy drippy ice cream cones.

A place where we can reed a book and laugh a lot. 

A place where if they phones rings, I can give “the look” and it won’t get answered. 

There are people we miss but we get daily pictures and videos 

Our home includes a lot of people and we are grateful that it is watched over because sometimes a pause is necessary.

Have great day friends. I’m heading over to the table in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by plants that grow only at the beach to get a muffin and some coffee.

My beach chair is calling my name. 

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Sometimes you laugh 

Some days are hard.

Dr. Appts that give you news you are not wanting to hear. 

Waiting for attorneys to call 

Waiting for a job opportunity

Waiting for a medication to help make you feel better

Waiting to hear of the death of a loved one. 


Small group was last night 

Every Thursday night we gather. 

We talk about all kinds of stuff and tonight we laughed. We were serious too but mostly we laughed. 

The group of people, my small group, my tribe have been together for years. We know each other. We know each other’s crap. We share and many times we cry. 

We could have cried tonight because there is much to cry about. Life is full of hard things but sometimes when you get together with some of your favorite people in the whole world, you can take a minute and laugh.

Take a minute and just laugh.

It does your heart good 

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