Staycation Week 1 or is it 2?

Steve took vacation this week .

This week was supposed to be full of sitting by the pool, swimming in the pool and enjoying, well, the pool. Due to weather and contractors, the pool is about 4 weeks behind.

This is the current state of our pool house. Its a work in progress and we are excited for it to be completed. The pool sits, a giant rectangle of concrete. However, water is in the near future.

Since vacation week 1 was already planned to be home, we flipped vacation week #2 to #1 and it became a staycation work week. Steve is the absolute hardest worker and he can get more done in one day than I can do in 5.

One day of fun was definitely in the cards and on Friday, we went fishing. Not just any fishing, but with friend, worship leader extraordinaire and Captain Jason Lowe of J. Lowes Guide Service.

We got up really early for a vacation day to meet Jason in Cedar Key at the boat ramp by 8am.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and I had forgotten how amazing a boat in the ocean feels.

The sights were beautiful

We fished for red fish. Did you know they are known for the spot next to their back fin?

We also fished for trout. I was lucky enough to snag a big flounder.

It was a fantastic day and we had enough clean fish for family dinner!

I headed to Jason’s website for his fish recipe

I knew it was good because he had made it for us to eat before!

It was amazing !!!

Thanks Jason for the best day.

Mostly, thanks for your friendship

If anyone wants a great day on the water, make sure you call our friend Jason at JLowes Guide Service.

You won’t be sorry.

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The Overflowing Mailbox

What happens when you have a lot of people that live in the same house?

Lots of mail.

What happens when Amazon Prime is your best friend?

Lots of packages.

I had purchased the cutest little metal mailbox that had a vintage feel for the front porch.

So cute right?

Well most of the time, the mail was left on one of the chairs because it wouldn’t fit in the mailbox.

My friend Jody was over and visiting the garage. I have friends who visit in the house and friends that visit in the garage. Lovers of the hoard and all of its possibilities.

We are chatting about such possibilities and I mention and point to an old ugly breadbox.

I forgot, of course to take a before picture but it looked very similar to this

An ugly brown box……..He says “how about a mailbox?”


Brilliant!! Why didn’t I think of that???

I paint inside and out black since the porch colors are black and white. Make a trip to HOBLOB and find the perfect size and already white MAIL letters and the cutest crystal knob.

Screw that baby onto the house and now just wait for the mailman to deliver all our glorious mail that will fit into our super size, super cute mailbox.

I will have to wait until Thursday.

Happy Independence Day friends. I am proud to be an America and forever our flag will wave and our dog will hopefully not have a stroke shaking from all the fireworks.

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So many signs and a super gifter

Many signs are currently taking residence in our front yard.

We are all about highlighting people running for county elections .

We are also excited about the contractors sign. Whoop Whoop for contractors.

But the best sign came via the front door last night.

Steve and I were in attic/movie room watching a movie when we heard the dogs frantically barking downstairs. So annoyed, the movie gets put on pause, Steve hauls it down 3 flights of stairs to yell at dogs because Jack has already gone to bed and the last thing on our wish list is to have a baby woken up.

Steve is gone for a while and I wonder…….

What is he getting to eat?

How long does it take him to go to the bathroom?

He’s checking on some score from some game on the television.

He returns.

He says “there were some guys at the door.”

“Who?” I responded.

“It was Matt and some other guys selling signs raising money for a missions trip. He said to tell you he loves you.”

Ah!!!!! Dang it! All those thoughts about what Steve was doing when he was really doing good!

I love you too Matt!!!

The “In God We Trust” sign is definitely my favorite. We do trust Him.

This morning at church we began a new series titled “The Reveal.” Its a study on the end times.

Pastor Mark spoke at one point about those who have gone to heaven ahead of us and that we have privilege as followers of Jesus to know that without a shadow of doubt that our loved ones who professed their faith loud and strong will be waiting for us.

In God We Trust

In God I Trust

Dad went to heaven 6 months ago yesterday.

I know that without a shadow of a doubt.

Zero question that one day we will be together again.

Today, upon returning home from church, there were gift bags on the counter.

It’s not anyone’s birthday.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have passed. July 4th gifts. No way.

As I peeked passed the tissue paper, I caught my breath.

Tears people….the size of dinner plates sprung from eyes.

My son Justin had found pictures in his phone and had them printed. For no reason. For no occasion.

Not knowing the date was so special

For love of family.

Dad and Jack.

Jack holding Dad’s finger

Dad and Mom holding Jack

Justin takes the title of best gift giver.

I hate hate hate hate that Jack will not know his Papa. However I will share pictures and stories of how much he loved him and that one day we will all be together again.

Have a blessed week friends.

In God We Trust.

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Cleaning out

The garage.

The garages.

5 of them and they are full.

Full enough that 2 cars still park outside.

I’m not proud.

I’ve been trying hard to make a dent in the hoard.

The hoard looks like a pile of junk to most, but to me…….a pile of potential.

This week, I began with two cabinets that look like this. They came from a curb alert at my neighbors house.

After looking at the manufacturing label, I search and discovered the cabinets were built for sheet music storage. I have been looking at these cabinets for up to a year trying to decide what to do with them. I didn’t need two cabinets with oddly shaped drawers

However I am lucky enough to have a piano/parlor room where a cute cabinet would be perfect.

I really has no use for two cabinets so I started by cutting off the bottom of one cabinet and stacking it on top of the other

Those knobs….had to go

I sent some inspiration photos to my tribe.

White or a color?

I have been accused of painting everything white. Yep. It’s my go-to.

However the overall consensus was color.


I wanted to get a coat of paint on before I stopped for the evening.

I checked out the paint supply and picked a color.

I primed.

It’s 100 degrease so the primer was dry before I hardly started. Then this happened

I got stuck in the garage. It was Armageddon. I couldn’t even make a run for it to the house.

So paint happened

I chose a light green.

It would be new and pretty.

I would not distress this piece.

And then this happened

I can’t do it.

I just can’t leave it shiny and new.

The scraper found its way into my hand and by the time the storm subsided, it was scraped and distressed with dark wax finding its way into the little bits of sanded edges.

I like vintage, old and chippy furniture. It might not be everyone’s thing but it’s mine and I’m just trying to be me.

Handles were ordered. Amazon prime next day delivery for the win.

Install and cut out little papers that will someday tell me exactly what is in each and every drawer.

For now, she stands pretty in the parlor.

Happy Friday friends,


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Daddy’s Day

I won’t lie.

Father’s Day has been looming for weeks. I don’t even like the Hallmark Holiday, but I’m still struggling and I’ve procrastinated writing this post over and over again. Now…’s 5:30am on Father’s Day and here I am.

Church is doing a photo stream at church this Sunday and as I peruse photos for our family, so many photos of Dad and I slap me in the face. I still cry.

A lot.

I know it’s ok.

I know it takes time

I know I can be sad

I know

I know I know I know

As I struggle with the holiday, I don’t like it. I don’t like being out of control.

I want and try to allow myself to think outside of my own little world and think of others who might not be excited about Fathers Day either.

How about the others who don’t have the privilege of having their earthy father anymore. I feel ya friends. 6 months and counting.

What about those who don’t have a relationship with their father? I am so grateful for having a father who loved me with every ounce of himself. I am sad for those who don’t have that.

How about those whose father wasn’t kind, or gentle, or loving or even around?

My Father might not still live on the earth with me but I know that one day we will be together again.

The fathers I will celebrate today are some of the best

This picture, every time makes me smile

Steve and his father. So proud and such wonderful fathers.

My husband, the best father.

Loves his kids.

Loves me.

His kids are now grown. As a young father, working so hard to provide for his young family, there is not much time for just fun. It’s so much about putting food on the table and paying the Dr bills for the endless ear infections. Clothes and shoes, school and extracurricular activities .

His children never needed for anything.

They knew then and they still know now the depth of his love for them

I now have the privilege to watch him as a Pops to a little boy who thinks he’s the bees knees. Better than sliced bread and one of his favorite people in the world.

The other father I am honored to watch every day is my son in law.

The father to my grandson

He loves God most

I get to watch him love his wife

He gives of of his time and talents hoping that one day his son will follow

He loves on his son and let’s him to know that he will always be there. I listen as he shares his love and reinforces how incredibly blessed he is to be his dad.

I watch my friends slay daddy-hood. It’s not an easy job.

It is one of the most important jobs on the planet.

I miss you Dad and today will be a difficult one but out of every daddy ever made, I wouldn’t change that you were mine.

I’m getting up now to get ready for church. There will be lots of daddy’s to hug today. Waterproof mascara will be a must.

I love you Dad.

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A First for Everything

Hey Dad!

It’s your birthday today! Yeah I know….. we don’t celebrate birthdays for people your age. But 81 isn’t anything to sneeze at.

How’s heaven on your birthday? Did the angels sing HBD to you, HBD to you. HBD dear Pee Wee, HBD to you. Did you do your trademark high pitched note at the end? Of course you did?

Did you have some pie? We all know it’s your favorite.

I’ve been dreading today for weeks. Why?

Well, you’ve been gone for almost six months and some days can almost seem normal without you here. Most days, it’s still a struggle but holidays and now your birthday floods the heart with memories and missing you.

And of course Facebook reminds me almost everyday the things we did together.

Like today…. I had blogged about your birthday in 2017. Here’s the picture.

We look cute.

You can read the post from last year here:

Last weekend we played dominoes for the first time since you left with Kate and Charity. Those McKuhen girls are the best.

Kate won. She said she needed to take the lead since you weren’t here to win. We talked about how much we missed you. We laughed a lot and it was fun.

Today, Mom and I needed to stay busy. It’s easier when there are things to do.

So we sealed the fence.

It was hot and dirty but it didn’t rain!

Look close! We hung out Papas Garden sign. Your garden is going to be so beautiful and you would have been so proud.

Mom did really good today. She said she didn’t cry all day. She brushed and I rolled. We make a good team

We decided to go out to dinner for your birthday and eat chicken wings since they were your favorite.

Kate and Charity might miss you as much as we do. We laughed and had a great time. Jack has his first bite of lemon. That will have to wait until next time. The wings were outstanding.

My friends sent me messages early this morning knowing that today would be a hard day. I decided that I would fill my day with celebration instead of mourning.

This message was sent to me. I just assume all daughters and daddy’s have a special relationship. I’m sad that they don’t.

“I never really thought much about what a “gift” fathers were till I met you and your dad. 😍”

Today was a good day.

Your first birthday away.

I sure do miss you.

Happy Birthday Daddy.


Baby Girl

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Mother’s Day Take-Away

Mother’s Day is everyday

Mom is my favorite title

Grandma (BB) is my newest title

Every year on a Sunday in May, the world celebrates Mother’s.

We attend church together.

I watch my daughter be a Mommy.

I watch friends with their new son

It’s no secret I do not like Mother’s Day, the holiday.

It’s commercialized.

It opens wounds for women as they struggle with infertility or the loss of a child. Some children no matter how old no longer have a mother to celebrate It pours salt in the wounds that are already bleeding .

The teaching yesterday was spot on for me. We have been learning about Noah. Yes, Noah was the hero of the story but what about the people behind the scenes? What about Noah’s wife and children? What if Noah’s wife, who is not mentioned, said “no way” to the ark?

You, we, me……do not have to be there hero of the story. You, we, me can be the support. You, me, we can be behind the scenes. As I watch the Moms in my life be the support, I’ve always known the importance, however yesterday teaching brought it back to the forefront.

My Mom, so quiet but so strong. Always the helper. Always the supporter.

My daughter, new Mommy, strong and resilient. Cares for another human being no matter.

Me, the faithful helper. Half of an amazing team. Mom to many. Some blood and some not.

My tribe, I watch and do life with women who continue to be the best Mother’s they can be. They fight for their kids and leave them at the cross more than once. They question decisions and forward motions of their kids. I stand next to strong powerful women of God who propel motherhood into another level of greatness.

I will continue to celebrate mother’s everyday.

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